PC vs XBox

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by thebutlerdidit, May 3, 2008.

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  1. Have been a PC gamer for years now, my PC is getting old and needs upgrade/replace so I am considering getting a XBox and using that to play games instead of expensive, comparitively noisy and space consuming PC, I could buy both a laptop and XBox for the money I would have to spend on a basic gaming PC. Can I use an XBox with a computer montitor?

    Any thoughts on the pros and cons appreciated.
  2. IF you keep on top of your PC you can replace components every now and then to keep it up to spec, rather than shelling out a few hundred quid every couple of years for the latest console.

    Really depends on your playstyle imo, some people like sitting on the couch with a wireless controller, I personally prefer the amount of control you get from using a keyboard and mouse combo and don't have to rely on things like xbox live to do online gaming.-
  3. I like the ease of a console for a spot of fun (wii) and kill them all to death BF2 on the pc, Just like what Highground says, keep your pc upto date (ish) by adding new bits. Turn down some of the settings and you'll be surpised how older hardware runs newer games.
  4. A lot of people i know have ahd big problems with the Xbox including overheating and something called the red ring of death :omfg:

    My advice keep to the PC and just go outside into the light of the real world once in a while.
  5. Did u know the Xbox is actually a PC but with a different operating systems but still designed by microsoft
  6. You would probably need to buy a VGA cable but yes you can use a computer monitor with your X Box, the overheating and red ring shouldn't be an issue on the latest versions of the 360 if you don't have it in a tight spot, give it plenty of room.

    PC gaming and console gaming are very different though, I find a console to be relaxing and casual, as opposed to the more intense PC gaming where you have to concentrate a bit more.

    Buy both. :p
  7. I've got the new xbox 360 elite and love it, but I upgraded the old one and had loads of old games.
    If I was starting again I would get the ps3 - the blue ray player has swung it for me.
  8. Go for the 360.

    With online gaming and most games being built only to console specs these days, the console's a cheaper investment. You'll spend more on a new graphics cards and memory keeping a mid range PC up-to-date than you would on the next gen console. You don't have compatability or the issue of patches to worry about so much either. I've switched back to console gaming after nearly 15 years of PC gaming cause there no longer any advantages that out weight the costs.

    Let me put it this way, 1700 quid would get you a top of the range Alienware gaming rig. It could also get you a Mac Book Pro, a 360 and 200 quid change.
  9. Get a life you beard.
  10. because you are looking for the wrong things!! build one yourself and you'll be laughing for £700 however you need time to look around for bargains for everything! look on e-bay for an XPS 710 as they were designed by dell with gaming in mind!
  11. The disc drive went wrong on my 360 a month after the warrenty ran out.

    microsoft wanted £70 to fix it.

    If it had been the red ring of death,that would have been ok.
    They extended the warrenty on that going wrong to 3 years.

    If i had got the drive fixed,the machine would have been covered by warrenty for a further year.

    Think microsoft have ironed out a lot of problems with the new 360's

    I would recommend buying one
  12. Only thing I can advise about red ring is that the XBox is basically a Graphics card with a micro motherboard and CPU. That means it overheats like a sonofabitch.

    Make sure its got lots of left to right ventilation and NEVER EVER STAND IT VERTICALLY; the extracton grill is on the underside when stood upright and that blocks the airflow and causes overheating, seriously upping the risk of RROD.

    If you can, sit it flat on the floor preferably where it gets plenty of draught.

    It's not a guarantee but should cut the odds of a harware faliure down a fair bit.
  13. Well just because ur too old for technology doesnt mean i am! :lick: