Pc to be prosecuted for death of Ian Tomlinson

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chuffit, May 24, 2011.

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  1. From Aunty Beeb:

    Pc to be prosecuted for death of Ian Tomlinson

    A police officer is to be charged with manslaughter over the death of newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson during the 2009 G20 protests.

    The Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, said there was now a "realistic prospect" of convicting Pc Simon Harwood.

    An inquest earlier this month returned a verdict of unlawful death on the 47-year-old.

    Mr Tomlinson's family said they were "more than happy" about the decision.

    The officer is due to appear before magistrates on 20 June.

    The inquest heard Mr Tomlinson collapsed and died after he was hit by a baton and pushed to the ground by Pc Simon Harwood in central London on 1 April 2009.

    'Conflicting medical evidence'

    The officer said after the inquest he had not intended to push him over.

    Continues Here BBC News - Pc to be prosecuted for death of Ian Tomlinson


    Good! I hope he goes down and gets pushed over the balcony at the Scrubs. Murdering... and lying.... Twat.
  2. The problems with this prosecution will be the confliciting medical evidence and, of course, the claim that he'll not get a fair trail due to the massive previous media interest/trial by media.
  3. Bad move, the guy was ****ing around and getting in the way. Ok, he shouldn't have been pushed in such a manner, but he shouldn't have been there. Generally when walking home one tends to avoid riots, not get in them.
  4. I agree with Cabana. He was dragging his heals, despite being told to move it. Not saying he deserved to die, but tough shit.
  5. Cabana, I disagree. It was a clear case of unnecessary and excessive force and also a clear case of police cover-up. Justice is required.
  6. Yeah ... You seem to forget this is the UK and not some third-world scrote of a place where life is cheap and no-one goves a toss about police brutality.
    So he died for dragging his heels eh? Wouldn't it have been easier to charge him with doing so rather than snotting him hard enough to burst his heart?
  7. But he's not a murderer is he?
  8. Since when was walking home an offence punishable by a good beating by an officer who had disobeyed his duty, and was clearly out to cause trouble (he covered his identity slides). Said officer is lucky to have lasted 2 years on full pay while these extensive investigations have taken place. I hope he gets sent down.
  9. Only due to the lack of clear intent......
  10. Yes. Without any doubt.

  11. But is it too late for that justice? The PC has been tried, an found guilty, by the press.
    Can he, in all honesty get a fair trial? No matter the outcome of this trial, then there will be plenty of people shouting 'unfair'.
    If there was a police cover up, then who should be in the dock for that? The copper who "allegedlly"* killed Ian Tomlinson, or whoever (allegedlly) tried to cover it up?

    *remember folks, it's only been proved in the papers, not in court!
  12. If you're stupid enough to get involved with riot cops, during a riot, then it's clearly a case for the Darwin awards.
  13. The fact that you suggest this shows you know nothing about modern policing. If there was some sort of police cover up conspiracy how is it that a coroner has returned an unlawful killing verdict and the CPS have authorised a charge.

    The fact that HARWOOD was not immediately arrested and charged does not point to an attempted cover up at all. As a police officer Im glad he is being charged becuase it will shut the whinging left up. Rather like that the silence we now have following the revelation that that protester who was hospitalised with a head injury was a victim of a blue on blue and not hit by a copper.

    HARWOOD acted unreasonably whilst dealing with Tomlinson as he had done earlier on in the day (ragging over a cameraman). I wouldn't dream of defending him. Pushing a bloke to the floor whilst his back is turned to you cannot be justified.

    I agree with other posters that the up and coming trial is already flawed but we must see the process through.
  14. But you're forgetting

    So a pissed bloke who randomly wanders into the middle of a riot and then drags his heels when told to move by the Police has the right to not die.

    However, you can jump to conclusions and throw allegations of murder around on the internet despite the fact the person accused of manslaughter hasn't been convicted of anything yet.

    I think it's funny, after all you can't spell manslaughter without laughter.
  15. The senior officers who lied about it should be informed too - they made a statement that the police were obstructed by demonstrators when they supposedly tried to help Tomlinson.

    The camera phone gave the lie to that one!