PC students want to get rid of "ladies and Gents" toilets

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FARMBOY, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Does this mean I can go and take stomach churning dump in the bints shitters without being arrested now?? Happy days! :)

    I also got turfed out of a toilet by door staff a few years back, as I tried to go into the ladies for a quick knee trembler with a girl I'd pulled (classy I know) Is this now allowed? I hope so!
  2. msr

    msr LE


    In the same way we did last time at Manchester Uni: http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/s/1047140_students_bid_to_ban_army

    With Jennie Killip's name is associated with this bog labelling nonsense, a quick google by her future employer's HR dept prior to interview will result in her CV being chucked in the bin. Hopefully.

    Either that or 'define' [sic] as a woman and go into the non-urinals - the bra-burning lefties won't like that, especially if you carry on a bit of 'squaddie banter' at full volume :)

  3. Yeah, anyone at Uni of Mancs go for plenty of 'seat-spray' and 'splashback' so some commie 'ooman rights type bint gets all covered in your urine everytime she goes for a slash...
  4. No I relise why i bloody hated uni, students not on the sodding planet. They are however really funny to listen to when they explain the racists bigoted country we live in and how we should give everything away.

    *Please ignore bad spelling, cant spell to save my lives.
  5. Its these fecking moron fecking scum fecking eye liner wearing hippy feck cnuts that'll be first daubing Churchills statue with paint and shoite in next years may day protests, then fecking joining the armed forces having bagged a token fecking moron degree in South american culture or some other hand bag fecking shoite thats no good to no cnut, and they've got the MOD to pay their student fecking free loader bills and overdrafts off, then get out after 5 fecking years to become some clueless fecking moron arrse hole wakner in charge of fecking toilet fecking allocation for transgender fecking lesbian fecking muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CNUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm on the Narcissistic rage bus and i'm going home!
  6. You're right mate you have to laugh, where do they think this Sh1t up though, where does it come from.

    I'm not so sure that HR would take a dim view of such lunacy, a good mate of mine was telling me recently that his HR dept had required him to assemble a "Gender awareness tool kit" for dealing with issues where his underlings had failed to be aware of a colleague's gender or some such nonsense - I fear these Manc Uni types go on to become HR types.

    I am laughing though. Transgender bogs :D You could (as they say) not make it up!
  7. I don't really understand what they're upset about: surely if you see yourself as a bloke, then you go into the gents', using a cubicle if you don't have the right tackle. Similary, if you see yourself as a woman, you use the ladies'. Every transgendered person that I know strongly identify with their chosen gender and wouldn't think of using the bogs of their previous gender. I'm a bit at a loss to see where the offence is.
  8. If the toilets are no longer clearly designated as 'male' or 'female' then anyone can use them. Better yet wait for someone to make a complaint about men in the toilets without urinals and sue them for discrimination due to you being a lesbian trapped in a mans body, so you are wearing male clothing as you are cross dressing! That should keep some sub human rights lawers working for years.
  9. So the trans students want the choice to use either mens or womens bathrooms? But the girls aren't happy with the thought of sharing their bathrooms with men (completely understandable :x ), simple - have a third one created labled "mixed use" (unless anyone can come up with a better name - it's far to early in the morning for me).

    Or is that too logical for students.....?
  10. Great!!!

    Next time in the UK I will have the zingiest vindaloo I can accompanied by regulation amounts of fine ale. Next day I will visit the ladies lavs in said place and lay my vindaloo to rest.
    That'll teach them.

    If we all do that then they will have the ladies-gents sign up sharpish.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Welcome to the wonderful world of student politics.

    Just listen to the end of the interview where she says that using the word 'mad' is 'disablist'. Fantastic!
  12. I imagine this means that you could be standing there with your John Thomas out, student lady arrives and you can legitimately ask her if you are as big as you think you are?

    If they get all hippy on you, you just say "Hey sister I was just sharing my gender with you in the true spirit of transexual unity"

    It's not going to work is it?
  13. Well if this goes ahead I'm gonna pay a visit to the Female.. erm "toilets without urinals" make out that im a non cross gendered feminine minded cross dressing transexual multiduel bi sexual manlady called Edith and take the biggst most painful dump known to mankind and garnish it with a dollop of my very own "DADDIES SAUCE :D " and leave it for the next airheaded barbie to recoil in horror from. :twisted:
  14. Same here, I think forcing non-gendered toilets on everybody will only serve to increase Transphobia not stop it! As with most PC malarky its a small number of idiots seeing a problem where there isnt one.