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Whilst still enjoying my 4 weeks POTL, mrs Bagster has had to return to work, leaving me free to surf the internet for porn, play games and otherwise mong around the house. The drama I'm having though, is having recently bought a copy of Full Spectrum Warrior (I really should have gone to the other desk in the careers office) and installed it no probs, every time it loads up, it seems ok until I touch the keyboard then it just crashes. I can move and click the mouse fine, but like I said, as soon as I touch one of the keys, it crashes. Anyone got any ideas ? I'm going to have to spend the WHOLE day looking at porn at this rate, my eyesight's bad enough as it is!


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Have you tried the old "uninstall and reinstall" trick yet? Try this, but disconnect from the Internet, Diable AntiVirus and Firewall, Reinstall then restart AV and Firewall.

Still no joy? Check you have all the latest drivers for your PC (mouse, keyboard, etc download from manufacturers sites)

Check the FSW site for latest patches...


Just surf porn all day!!

cheers for that AF1771,
I had tried the uninstall-reinstall gag, but I hadn't disconnected from the internet or disabled by AV or firewall. Will give this a try, thanks again.
As mentioned above, go to the web site of the game and take a look for the latest patches.

I have purchased any number of games that wouldn't work properly without a patch of somekind. P1sses me right off.


It could be incompatible with one of your PC components, most likely you graphics card.

Make a note of the make and model of each of your components and then contact the games customer support.
Alot of the problems are that the software is designed to run on Windows.

No wait, there is more.

I had to use a prog called Enditall to install several bits of software including a couple of games.
Enditall, temporarily kills the three million progs that are running in the background.
Of course I was disconnected from the net or else all the shite comes flooding in.
Are there any FAQS? If so there's probably everything you need there except your particular problem.
The reason is probably because there isn't an 'R' in the month and your desk is pine.


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I suspect you are getting the following error message at boot-up:

Starting Windows
ViroBono said:
The answer to your problem is here.
I hate smug sods.

Especially when they're right.

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