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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Silent_Scope, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Well, I suppose it was too much to ask to go any length of time without a problem...

    Recently I have been haring some not healthy sounds from the computer (sounds like maybe the HDD), and now when I open certain applications, the program stops responding and these sounds get louder.

    I now can't open Windows Media Player or run scans with MalwareBytes (the program opens and updates, just can't do full scans, it can do quick scans however).

    I think it may well be a hardware problem with the HDD but I don't really want to have to get a new hard drive without having first exhausted all other options.
  2. If your hard drive is making a lot of noise then a hard drive failure may be on its way.

    First thing I would suggest is backup everything you can (if you haven't already) just incase.

    Then, using the windows tools perform a full drive scan including a surface test and see if it comes up with any problems.

    To do this double click My Computer then right click on the C: drive and select Properties.
    Click on the Tools tab
    Under Error Checking click the Check Now box, tick both the Automatically Fix errors and the Scan for and attempt to recover bad sectors tick boxes, then click Start. It may take a little while to perform the full test depending on the size of your drive.

    Do you have SMART enabled in the BIOS on the hard drive (if infact it has that capability)? This can alert you to potential hard drive failures before it goes totally tits up.
  3. Thanks, I'm currently running a hard drive check on the problem computer, and I will check o ensure SMART is enabled in the BIOS. :)
  4. It could also be that the HDD is overworking because of fragmentation, I know a long shot :). SS do what Harry says and after you have done the scan do a defrag, may help.

  5. It might be worth blowing some air through the fan inlet, in case your computer is overheating.
  6. It could also be that you have too little RAM in your PC, and it is starting to use, and fill, the physical memory therefore thrashing the HDD.
  7. Stand up, turn round three times, touch your nose twice, turn round once and sit down. this should sort all your problems out.

    Failing that check you have enough ram if so defrag your hard drive if this fails buy a new one.

    PS back everything of importance up NOW, before anything else.
  8. I've done the check, and the hard drive quiet again, and I have just run one of the problem programs and it has started without any nasty noises. So the drama seems to have been sorted in the check.

    Harry, you're a lifesaver :D
  9. No problem, did it report any problems when the scans had finished?
  10. Nope, it ran the scan, I went away and when I came back it was on the welcome screen, minus any noises.