PC problem - Help appreciated.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by northern_warrior, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Ok Fellas, would really appreciate some help here. ANY GURUS OUT THERE??

    This fucking thing keeps appearing on nearly every website I click onto from my browser.

    It wasn't there this morning when I logged on before work, but by God the thing is there now and driving me to distraction. I have browsed the web and from what I understand its not a good thing!!

    I have ran a full system scan.....No joy!

    I have ran my Anti spyware stuff.......No joy!

    I have ran ccleaner..........No joy!!

    The cunt is still there!!!!

    Now, I am no Bill Gates when it comes to PC's people, but for the love of God, has any of you out there got any solutions in a not so techy language that I may try to rid myself of this fucking pain in the arrse!!

    Could this fucker have owt to do with kids/our lass tinkering on the net? If so how do I stop a repeat occurence (without the usual posts of kill the be-atch and bury her in the garden!)

    Help very much appreciated fellas.

    Cheers N_W

    p.s. Sorry for the language, but grrrrrrr I'm annoyed!

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    Don't blame the bairns/ bird, bin Norton and replace it with a proper antivirus: http://www.nod32.com

    You will also notice quite a performance improvement ;)
  5. You got all my sympathy's the last time i had a problem like that i had to re format the computer. I tried everything i knew, running a full system scan , Ad aware , trying to restore to a earlier date it done my head in.....
  6. Hi
    Just 'Googled 'Doubleclick.net' and is classed as a 'kosher' advertising agency.
    I konw is sounds dumb but have a look in Control Panal - add/remove programs just see if it's there?
    If so go through delete process..
    Then do a search for 'doubleclick' and delete any files.

    Agree with msr ... norton is 'Shit'

    You have downloaded a file with this tw*t attached sometime recently
    Clear out temporary internet files
    and cookies
    (both in 'C' drive - documents/settings - user - Local settings

    If you have win XP you can system restore to last week
    that may get rid of this type of thing..
  7. Cheers for this mate, but have tried all.!!
    Used crap cleaner and also had a look online for what the thing is.

    All made no sense really, not a major PC boffin.

    Am in the process of following msr's advice, but some of it is making my eyes bleed!! Its like learning a new language!!

    Cheers N_W
  8. msr

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    If you need a hand, I have remote support capability ;)

    PM me your msn.

  9. Thats what those nice Nigerian fellas said when they asked for my bank details :D :D
  10. Just searched a little more....
    it says it's a Cookie
    so go and delete all them little Fcuker's
    'C' drive - documents/settings - user - Cookies

    Just thought...
    might be a hidden file in there?
    have you got hide hidden folders box ticked?
    you need to show all files
    'C' drive - documents/settings
    top bat
    Folder options
    look for show hidden files

    have another look in cookies?
  11. I'm running the Dr Web thing from the linky you sent.

    I checked the other linky about IBIS web search and it "appears" I have none of the programmes mentioned (websearch/wintools)

    Will see what this scan sortsout then will proceed from there.

    Oh and I agree about Norton. Its fucking shite!!
  12. Try uninstalling your google toolbar, and some un-used programs from your computer. Delete temp internet files and cookies. If that fails look in syamntec database for a solution. Sounds like an adware or spyware prob to me.
    If all fails back up all personnal files and delete partition and re install windows. You have downloaded and installed something recently thats giving you this problem. Trust me i know from experience. Remember final solution is start again.

    Hope this helps mate goodluck 8O
  13. Could also be a registry prob too. In that case you will need a registry edit program.
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    No it isn't.