PC Plod reinforcing stereotypes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dread, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. From today's 'Torygraph':


    While I normally recognise that the police have one of the shittiest jobs in the UK at the moment, incidents such as this just tar them all with the same ridicule. 2 serving police officers are so scared by an 81 year old man who doesn't want to get out of his car that they call for back-up?

    No wonder chav scum are left free to roam the streets when the police act like this.


    And yes I know that the incident has probably been poorly reported, but even so...

    Stress for 81-year-old accused of Pc assault
    By David Sapsted
    Last Updated: 1:51am BST 28/08/2007

    A frail 81-year-old who was charged with assaulting two burly policemen on his way from church last Christmas Eve will have to wait until after next Christmas for the chance to clear his name.

    Frank Gibson, OBE, a former Conservative councillor, Tory group leader and mayor of Gravesend in Kent, went on trial in Chatham last week after denying assaulting the two young, well-built officers.

    To his dismay, Mr Gibson - who is hard of hearing, has high blood pressure, arthritic hands and, at the time of his arrest, could barely walk following major surgery on his feet - was told at the end of the prosecution case that there was no space on the court calendar for the defence to be heard until January.

    "Last year, this matter effectively ruined Christmas and now we will have this hanging over us again this Christmas," Mr Gibson said afterwards.

    Mr Gibson is accused of pushing one officer in the chest and twisting the thumb of another after they pulled him over on suspicion of drink-driving as he drove home his Volvo.

    A breath test was taken but, as Mr Gibson had only had a sip of communion wine, it was negative. But because the pensioner refused to get out of his car, saying he had done nothing wrong, Mr Gibson claims the two officers grabbed an arm each and dragged him from his vehicle.

    Pc Steven Cole told Medway magistrates' court that Mr Gibson had grabbed his thumb. "It hurt. He twisted it back and I noted down in my pocket notebook that I let out a yelp. There is no way else of describing it."

    John Fitzgerald, prosecuting, said: "Mr Gibson's reaction was to push Pc Thomas McGregor in the chest with his left hand and walk back to his car."

    The officers said that they were so traumatised by the OAP's actions they called for back-up before arresting him.

    Mr Gibson was handcuffed and taken to a police station, where he was held for more than five hours, returning home at 5am on Christmas Day.

    The case was adjourned until Jan 22
  2. Obvious candidates for fast tracking to Chief Constable,
  3. Cannot imagine the Rendorseg being so pathetic :roll:
  4. The local rendorseg (hungarian police for those whose knowledge of magyar is limited) would have done one of two things:

    1. Fixed the result of the breathaliser and demanded a bribe of about 100quid, only to accept 20 after a bit of haggling.

    2. Deemed the old man a gyppo (Roma) and dragged him out the car, kicked seven shades of shite out of him and then fitted him up for any unsolved local crimes.

    Funnily enough Hungary has a much, much lower rate of crime than the UK, and trouble from chavs (almost non-existant in the country) and gyppos (even in seedier districts of Budapest) is also limited almost entirely to those who go looking for trouble (and the odd stupid american tourist).
  5. :D Yes but these brave plod( bacon rashers) called for back up :D So this vicious 81 year will be in court in Gravesend after xmas 2008 will he need a strong armed escourt :?: Or hand cuffs, he is a black belt thumb twister so they must make him wear boxing gloves. :D These two plod should have to serve in the army, what plonkers they must be,, should be bloody ashamed of wasting time and money, can see the headlines in the papers when it hits the court. What a joke the plod are becoming, so many of them are on stress leave, these clowns stuff it all up for the real plod who do good work, they should be sent to Sun Hill to learn from the Bill :D :) :lol:
  6. Let's just remind ourselves of the way the Press report this kind of thing shall we ,ie."

    "First Exaggerate, then Simplify!"

    I'm willing to bet that in this case that Mr Gibson's frailties have been exaggerated and the actions of the two Officers very much simplified. For the record, as a serving PC (and former career Infantryman) there is nothing obviously wrong in the way the officers behaved and I would not have hesitated to arrest Mr Gibson in similar circumstances myself.
    From what I can see he was showing contempt for the law and the two officers, both of whom he has clearly assaulted in the execution of their duty and he can explain himself in court for that like anybody else.

    The officer was completely correct in making an entry in his Notebook regarding the alleged assault, it's standard practice and will carry considerable evidential weight in Court should he be called as a witness (as he undoubtedly will ). I'd be surprised if the officers actually used the word "Traumatised" as reported, but I can see a number of reasons why they would request assistance. For a start he may well have been agitated and uncooperative in which case it would not be safe or wise to convey him to the station in the rear of their vehicle so a van fitted with a cage in the rear would be rmuch better all round.

    Of course I may be completely wrong and these two officers may have been at fault (in which case I doubt the allegations would have gotten through the usual decision making process and into court?) but condemning them on the basis of a pretty flimsy and emotionally loaded newspaper report is not the best way to proceed. After all, we all get terribly annoyed on this site whenever The Sun or some other piece of puerile chav-porn, splashes some sensationalist nonsense about a squaddy over it's front page, don't we? :wink:
  7. And there you have it. :roll:
  9. Erm, given that this chap is a paragon of virtue and utterly innocent, why didn't he just co-operate, give the breath sample, pass the test, get back into his car and write an outraged letter to the Chief Constable?

    Seems fairly straight forward to me. OR could it be that he did in fact prevent the pc's from doing their job and as an alternative to an undignified struggle in which the old lad could have been injured, they called for back up to allow them to have more hands to do the job with less force?

    The whole thing of the bloke's age is a little bit of a red herring and many older people will not hesitate to play on age or infirmity to excuse their behaviour. True, he probably wasn't some hardcore evil villain but equally he could just have cooperated and thus reduced the drama.

    On occasions like this, the average plod's stomach sinks into his/her boots because the officer will always appear to be the villain due to public perception of "Nasty copper arresting poor old person" The merits or otherwise of the case will nearly always be forgotten and the risk of "Plod SAVAGES OAP" stories is high. I bet the local paper don't do a follow up stroy if the old lad is summonsed/charged
  10. I would also imagine the immortal words “do you know who I am” was also part of the exchange.

    With an attitude that they are doing nothing wrong so why stop me. But he would be first in line demanding that the police stop drink drivers. He would probably be bolshy confronted by two young men with authority, and you don’t see many burly policeman nowadays. I’m also surprised not to see war hero as part of the description.
  11. And "I'm a close friend of your superior"
  12. But, as the story says (if true that is) that he had passed the breath test. Why then did the police want to get him out of his car?

    While I am all for police doing random checks on people, there must be common sense on the part of the copper. If that means I am advocating treating old men in a Rover 75 differently from 17year old chavs in a 1.1 Corsa, then I am all for screening of this nature.

    The police are trying sooooo hard to treat everybody the same that they are alientating the (working) working, middle and upper classes while letting scrotes and junkies get away with murder and flout the law.

    Maybe I am being too simplistic, but, as already stated, I support the random checks on people, once it is apparent that no crime has been committed then the police should allow the person to carry on their way with the absolute minimum of interference. This case stinks of 2 plod being fúcked off at being on duty on Christmas Eve and determined to make everyone elses time a misery. As is often the case the normal Police get made to look like a bunch of cúnts by jobsworth CHIPS wannabes.
  13. So why stop him if he is doing nothing wrong?
  14. From my past experience as a Cop, he was probably being obnoxious with the 2 PC's from the start and would have carried on being a pain in the arse throughout the whole scenario. As has previously been stated, if you just do as you are asked, the whole thing would have been over in about 5 minutes.