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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Mr Happy, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Morning. Whats wrong with my laptop?

    I popped in a DVD to watch the other day and the DVD played slowly (e.g. jerky speech and frame rate). I suspect it is the same problem that is causing my online BF2 nightmares, where I have an uber high ping despite having 3.5mb wireless connection that is working perfectly (checked via various means so no issues there).

    My suspicion is that the processor in my PC is busy but doing what??? I have defragged my C and D drives (I also have defragged my two externals but not I think unplugged them). I've tried whilst having closed down every program I can find on the PC working - MSN, virus stuff, gmail, googletalk, festoon, skype, etc etc..

    What is causing my less than 1 year old PC to have such problems? And how can I find it...

    Mr H
  2. Install ccleaner on your PC, found here


    Run the cleaner and scan for/fix issues until you’ve got all the crap off your computer, this may take several goes.

    Also on ccleaner go to tools and then startup and post the list of every program you have running when your computer starts up, you may have programs automatically running and taking up memory that you don’t need.

    Can you think of any programs that you installed about the same time your computer started slowing down?

    If you’re running software with only the minimum hardware requirements then you’ll find this slows your PC down too.

    And if you’re playing BF2 online, did you know that a few of us ARRSErs have created a BF2 clan, have a look here for details

  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Doing/Will do

    None I can think off, I suspect that my programmes have been getting larger on their own....

    BF2 was fine, and obviously the dvd player played fine too, this is new...

    Will sign up - thanks.

    MrHap0 (on BF2)
  4. Simple press ctl alt delete to get your task manager up

    next select processes and click twice on the CPU column

    This will show you the most CPU hungry processes currently running and in order of "hungriness"

    If the process is running at 100% (check performance tab) then kill it by right clicking then end process ensuring of course it isnt a system process critical to the PC

    If unsure what a process does google it to get advice

    If this doesnt work let me know
  5. Further to Superdoods points, when you look at your list of processes, you will see one called "System Idle Process". This may well say its using 99% of your processor time. Dont worry, its supposed to do that. Processors cant simply sit and do nothing, the system idle process keeps the cpu busy while it has nothing else to do.

    Sometimes antivirus software that scans in the background can have a serious impact on system performance. Check your settings to ensure that your not permenantly scanning your C drive or your external storage.
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Yep, roger that System idle Process actually shows the %age of the processor/s NOT working.

    Did that and I am scanning the entire system once every thirty days so that should be cool. I am constantly using the XP sp2 firewalls etc though - right?
  7. The pragmatic solution may be to install a second instance of XP onto your laptop (I presume you don't want uninstall your present set up) and load only enough programmes to watch DVDs and play internet games.
  8. It still sounds as though something is running in the background - There is something else you can try first disconnect from the internet - click start then run
    type in "msconfig" hit enter
    up comes a dialogue box
    select startup tab
    take note of all selected checkboxes
    then unselect all of them then reboot your computer
    try your DVD again - if its no different repeat the above and restore your startup progs as before
    If it does work then one of the startup progs is the culprit
    use trial and error to find the offending prog one by one.
  9. PS tell me the exact spec of your puter
  10. Or try running a program called Hijackthis. It is a utility that helps you analyze what exactly is running on your computer.
  11. Did this happen suddenly after you changed a setting or installed a program etc or did it degrade over time - if it was the former try system restore if it was the latter then use a third party tuning tool to tune up your system
  12. Check to see whether any anti-virus software is not running its scheduled scan at the same time!? (Tres CPU demanding!)
  13. Being a bit thick when it comes to PC probs, would that just be a case of putting the XP disc in and loading. The reason I ask is that I seem to have lost the ability to play music on my CD/DVD. I have a feeling that I have knocked out a file somehow.
  14. Have you uninstalled anything lately? If you can see the files on your CD drive load a music CD and double click on the mp3 file or track - if nowt happens you might have lost the associating with the music file type and your music program - this is usually in the registry - You can change the association to the prog by right clicking and "open with" try this first or alternatively a system restore to the day you know it was working may solve it.
  15. No good just closing them down. Disable there auto start options.

    Go to "Start>>All Programs>>Start Up" Delete all the shortcuts.

    Empty your temp and temp internert folders. Make sure you are not running more than one AntiVirus, firewall (including the windows firewall) burning software, especialy packet writing app amd anyother processort intencive application.