PC or Utter PC

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by johnojohnson, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Political correctness or utter Political Cr#p.

    I apologise in advance if this has been posted elsewhere but on the train into work this morning I read this article. I had to stop reading and calm down. Now I don’t follow football but this is taking the p1ss.

    I think it is anti-English and pandering to the religious minorities. This woman should be removed from her position of influence and charged with promoting religious hatred as it impacts on people’s impression of other faiths. The BNP have gained ground in her town purely because of people with her attitude.

    Rant, rant, rant

    Link to Article
    Clam, take a deep breath and relax
  2. Same article was in the Metro on my way to work this am......The article goes on to say the Headteacher was slapped down by the School Governers(How do you spell that?)

    Hope they're looking for a new HeadTeacher.....
  3. I agree. I also think it's rich that the teacher is justifying the decision on the grounds that the English flag has been hi-jacked by the British National Party.

    Surely though, the answer isn't to lie down and let the hi-jack succeed. Why can't we reclaim our national flag on behalf of decent English people?
  4. Anti English Racism pure and Simple. The reason the BNP is doing well in a lot of areas is because no one else represents the views of the honest, tax paying, law abiding majority. As more and more ordinary and disillusioned people join the party and influence it's direction, the more moderate and electable it becomes. The Liberal facists are helping to create the one thing they truly fear, a real alternative to their own agenda.

    Fly your flags with Pride, don't let the Neo Stalinists win!
  5. And this person is supposedly educated and in a position to influence the upbringing of kids. Actions such as this play completely into the hands of the BNP.

    I think she needs to brush up on her National Studies. British National Party would use the Union Flag. English National Football team = The Cross of St George. Subtle difference between the 2. Unfortunately narrow minded bigots like her make crass and idiotic rulings such as this and may as well label everyone a racist.
  6. Easy, voice your displeasure to the education department of Stoke Council. Here's the email address:


    The Headteacher sounds like a left wing lesbian and deserves some incoming.

    Fancy banning the English flag, it plays right into the hands of the BNP.
  7. Well I'm no child psychologist but as soon as you ban something, it suddenly becomes more attractive! On a related note, it's OK for this woman to impose her own political views on the kids, but not to allow any influence from an elected and democratic organisation? Will she prevent any Asian kids form carrying Pakistan Cricket regalia for instance or is it just English children she is discriminating against?
  8. Taken from a communication at work today from my company asking how your uniform/vehicle will look during the world cup,
    What will your uniform and vehicle look like during the world cup?

    Please remember that:

    you should not be displaying any form of national flag on your van

    you should be wearing standard uniform and not football shirts at work
    We'll all be supporting a number of countries at home over the coming weeks, but it's important that we remain impartial in work.
  9. BNP Shite

    There is a cross of St George visible but just to 'represent' England as one of the four nations.

    So are Giant's Causeway bumper stickers banned as well?
  10. Why is it important? Are they afraid of losing that big Upper Volta contract?
  11. Does this mean we have to remove the Union Flags from Land Rovers or remove the badges from our arms? I consider this racial harrasment, any coppers on here going to investigate this blatant display of racial hatred against the English?
  12. But you might upset somebody who doesn't get upset anyway but somebody else doesn't want to take the chance.

    As a Scotland supporter I see no reason why England shouldn't support the national team by wearing shirts, flying flags or painting yourself in the appropriate colours. I wasn't too interested in the guided tour of Wayne Rooney's foot this morning on the Beeb but thanks to a swift combination of the 'mute' and 'off' buttons on the remote, the problem was solved.

    Its not racial hatred, its just people being stupid and PC gone totally fcuking mad.
  13. Oh FFS here we go again, another psychopathic Politically Correct nutter, paranoid about the opinions of minorities, who to all intents and purposes couldn’t give a flying fcuk what flag you have flying from your car.

    How do these people manage to always get to such a position where they can make these decisions? It is total madness. As far as the English flag being hijacked by the BNP, well that is incorrect, it is the flag of the union, not that of Saint George. So in reality what she is saying in principle is, that the Scot’s, English, Welsh and Northern Irish, cannot fly their flags in case of offence to others.

    Fcuking idiot, fly your flags, she should get charged with being traitorous, that might shut her and her ill advised principles to shut the fcuk up.
  14. Are you aware that is a tautology?
  15. It depends on which definition of tautology you mean.

    Or am I stating the obvious?