PC or Un-PC.. Further Evidence that The End is nigh

Okay.. someone explain to me..if, as it is written that the western world is going to hell because liesure time is a thing of the past and we're all working ridiculously long hours to fuel the economy, etc. etc,, that there are people out there with time on their hands to worry and protest over this crap??

IKEA is being ripped over the coals by Norwegian polititians because their little intruction sheets on how to put their crap together only show men!!
YUP.. sexist IKEA.. In their defence. the furniture maker claims that by showing women putting together their beds, sofas and bookshelves, they could offend devout Muslim customers [ ooh, good comeback! ]...

somehow sexless stickfigures couldn't be used and drawing an amorphous blob suggesting a full burkha wasn't an option..

Shoot me now..

oh, wait. there's more...

In the US, Marshall Fields, the big department store, chose Snow White and the Seven Dwarves as their 2004 holiday season theme..but had to cancel it..they received complaints that it was promoting a homosexual lifestyle.. compainants claimed that there was a ' hidden gay agenda ' in that it showed 7 single men living together...

okay, load the chamber.. I'm ready...

WAit, WAit.. there's something on the horizon.. yes!!.. its the UN-PC brigade.. thank you!!..

Trust the British to come to the rescue..
can't wait .. Brit TV is getting the BADMovies Channel.. Sky digital is launching a new service to show only ' Crap ".. they will scour the world for utter sh!t and lousy acting and shoddy stuff and put it on the air from 9 in the morning to 9 at night..[ ooh, boss, I'm not feeling well today.. I think I'll have to stay home in bed..what's that noise?.. ooh.. just the telly to keep me company.. yeah.. its Billy The Kid versus Dracula's Daughter.. ]

and, this just out.. A Brit study of men found that one third of fathers admit to ' tasting ' their wives' or girlfriends' breast milk [ in the original containers, no doubt ] Cow and Gate conducted the survey [ love the name ]..
The men who admitted the breastmilk drinking said they did so [ ooh, I love this ]..as part of an emotional urge to immerse themselves in the process of infant rearing..

[ooh, good one!.. new age sensitive bafflegab to cover crazy fetish lust -nice ]...
It is a collection of nonsense like this that makes me realise how lucky we are that Little Britain is still running. Their attitude to gays, transexuals, handicapped is very refreshing. Goodness Gracious Me was another excellent show in this respect.


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As I am not, never have been nor ever will be a politician - can someone explain to me why I have to be "Politically Correct".

I ain't and don't care. What I am is sensitive to people I deal with and meet. I drink in a pub where the prime requisite is a thick skin, I give as good as I get and accept what I get in the spirit it was intended.

I believe I am an intelligent human being and do not need to be told how to say what is on my mind. I will stand by what I say and if necessary apologise for anything someone else has found offensive - if I feel it warrants an apology.

In short I will treat anyone as I expect to be treated myself.
If we were as "Correct" as some Politicians, then we could do & say whatever the fvck we liked :wink:
Personally i call a spade a spade, and anyone who calls it a garden digging implement, would get it wrapped round there brains

Black boards, were known as green boards for a while till the eco friendlys stuck there oar in , then got changed to Chalk boards.

White boards got changed to dry wipe boards!

Is it me or has the world gone totally mad.

My mate said in the pub the other night that he thought this woman was good looking, she come over to him and told him to keep his opinions to himself, she even called him a sexist Pig.
Till i stuck my nose in and had a go at her for not taking the compliment as it was intended!

Madness all of it!
For a show with some serious-unPC attitude, watch 'Not the 9 O'Clock News'.

Outstanding stuff!
Roan Atkinson doing his politcal speech that starts 'Ladies and gentlemen. I am a golfer' and goes steadily downhill from there on.

Gryff Rees Jones continually arresting someone for being 'foreign'


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