PC Madness, well done ACPO!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PE4rocks, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. Just when I thought things couldn't get any dafter...

    Re-arrange the following words



    Source Linky
  2. Its so stupid even the Imam cant believe it!

    On a side note, anyone know where thy are buying the booties? Muddy paw prints everywhere at the moment!
  3. Ha ha, It's all true. Like I've been saying for years. You couldn't make it up.
  4. Hold on, everyone takes footwear off to enter a mosque but dogs put booties on. WTF?
  5. Oh but you can. With a little forethought and a cup of tea I bet we could come up with some outrageously ridiculous stuff that in one or two years time we will be reading as headline news in the Daily Mail.

    Let me have a go..... School Teacher Suspended For Not Allowing Muslim Child To Have Painting Of Suicide Bomber On Classroom Wall.
    Let's now just sit back and wait.....
  6. School Careers advisor suspended for informing child that "Jihadist" is not a valid career choice. :p

    On a serious note, why shouldn´t dogs wear such booties on routine jobs? The dog would have to be trained to wear them, and should the dog be distressed by wearing such items then he can´t do his job. It might be more prudent to equip the dogs with protective footwear at all times.

    Besides, would you walk in to some sh1t hole or other (regardless of the faith of the occupants) barefoot? Why should a dog?
  7. And has no-one considered the dog's feelings in all of this?

    I'm outraged.
  8. God forbid that a teacher ever lose out.... try this:

    Christian School children excluded (an act formerly known as 'expelled') for refusing to accept painting of Suicide Bomber in Assembly Hall.
  9. What if the dog was born as a boy dog but really wanted to be a bitch?

    Would the dog be allowed to go to tribunal if it felt it wanst being treated fairly?

    Sounds mad so lets make it so!
  10. What if the dog doesn´t want to be trained as a sniffer dog? He might have wanted to be one of those nails patrol dogs, with an armed handler. It´d look well ally.

    Or he could be a conchie dog, and prefer service as a Guide Dog or a PAT dog.

    The dogs should get a choice in how they are employed. Should they not want to be employed then they should be allowed to claim dole and watch Crufts and One man and his dog, all day in their council owned, air conditioned Kennels.

    How about "School closed down for expelling student who turned up wearing a home made replica suicide bomber outfit for an RE lesson" a la (not that one) that muppet who wore one to a demonstration.
  11. ACPO is nothing less than the Political wing of the police, it is the interface through which passes the Nu Liarbour edicts on police policy, and in return. requests for the police chiefs restrictions on civil liberties.

    Its all too easy to forget that before this treacherous bunch of marxist b*stards came into power, the only Police chief to report to the Home Secretary was the chief of the Metropolitan mob, the remainder reported to their local police committees. Since they have been in power ACPO has become a massive political lobbying group, and is responsible for the mess that we now know as policing today.
  12. Well blow me down, the Police force showing that they really are stupid, even the Imam thinks so. Hi ACPO, stupid is as stupid does, you dunces.
  13. The Imams must be pleased that even our police are 'running scared ''of them,with hardly a shot fired!
  14. ACPO = Association of Certifiable Pillock Officers
  15. You are Richard Littlejohn and I claim my £10! :D