PC Madness again- where will it stop

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by old_bloke, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. Nice that the Abdullahs can whine and winge about OUR laws. Try asking the Saudis to stop beheading people on your shop front in Riyadh and see how far you'll get. Bunch of cnuts.
  2. I also suggest:

    We ban butchers from hanging meat outside - don't want to offend the veggies.
    Ban newspaper billboards - don't want to offend the illiterate and dyslexic.
    Use see-through bin bags – don’t want upset any coloured people, including pink ones.
    Ban thin people – don’t want to upset fat ones.
    Ban dog walking – don’t want to upset cats.
    Etc, etc, etc!

    Got any ideas on what else should be banned???
  3. I'd say its an ideal opportunity to teach them some self restraint, if the jihad obsessed little oiks cant abstain its their problem not ours.

    I thought the government were trying to encourage the "cafe culture". Its acceptable in this country to have a meal with a drink in public - they need to accept that. Multicultualism is a two way street, they need to start pulling their weight.

  4. Taking this one step further and in relation to the Muslims' outcry that drinking outside is tempting and offensive.

    Are Muslims offended by the tempting display of 'dirty, unclean' pork meat when they are in Tescos?

    If they are offended then they are free to leave and live somewhere where drinking/pork/crosses/women showing flesh ect ect are banned.
  5. Bradford?
  6. Personally I'm offended by whining muslims.

    Yet another example of muslim intolerance.
  7. Like their attitude to women Muslims would rather remove the temptation than teach themselves self control. If they feel strongly enough to try and get prohibition they should have no trouble resisting temptation.
  8. Whilst on the P.C. subject,a couple of years ago(2 or 3)the establishment that I work in had a "DIVERSTY DAY",integral to this was an"ETHNIC" menu ----I quote.___Chicken curry,riceNpeas(Carribean);Lentil curry(vegan);Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding(English);Scotch pie(mutton);--the piece de resistance------SOUTHERN IRISH STEW__HALAL,__I don't know what threw me most,the southern or the halal bit.--I've had Irish stew,Stovies,and Scouse appears to be of a similar composition-maybe I don't get it,as I ain't a tree huggin', whale lovin',beefer bummin,left wing pinko(I'm a porridge wog,but prefer rice crispies)--help.
  9. Too true Manky, too true. Bradford the capital of Britistan
  10. Ahhh B'burg another voice of reason making a point I agree with strongly. As does armourer. In fact everyone has except the Muslims in the article. Get over yourselves you bunch of overly pious tools. If you cannot restrain your "young people" then learn how. A lot of Muslim spokespeople, whom do not necessarily represent the silent majority, bleat about how great Islam is in its teaching for instilling discipline in young people compared to "the decadent teachings of the Western Infidel". If their community based instruction on morals and ethics is so good why do they need to stop others participating in a legal and social activity that their beliefs do not proscribe?

    I am glad to see the council is being sensible about this and not doing a "don't upset the Moor" knee jerk reaction. If the local Muslim community are going to target a pizzeria for a ban then might as well ban everything else that offends them. Ban women as obviously

    1. Muslims could be offended by all that unwanted temptation they obviously are not man enough to resist. We all know that resisting temptation is just something some men never need to worry about because some man in a dress told them so.

    2. As women we have no right to be out on the streets at all anyways. I mean really how long does a chain need to be from bed to kitchen sink. Anything more is just asking for trouble and women thinking they are entitled to civil liberties. Whatever next! A vote?? :roll:
  11. Fcuk em.Wanchors.

    Dont like it, don't f'kin drink it.
  12. Worked in a Fire Station in East Ham in London (just up the road from the West Ham football ground). We requested permission for a Flag Pole and a Union Flag at the station. Our request was denied because the Union Flag would "offend the locals" (predominantly Asian types). WHY, were they beaten by marauding hordes wearing UJ swimming trunks and weilding UJ sticks of rock before they were lucky enough to be 'invited' to the UK? Who knows, the answer was still Non!
  13. The intolerence of Islam is the biggest threat facing the civilised west.
  14. armourer, I would have said it was the biggest threat to civilisation anywhere, not just the West.