PC idiots ruining their own projects

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smoojalooge, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. haven't had time to source a link to it yet, but heard on the news that more people are jumping on the Damon Albarn band wagon trying scupper live8
    because there aren't black people playing wtf does it matter.

    These people live on different planet i think it's called NW1
  2. Read in a paper today that Michael Jackson might be playing. And the black and white minstrels. can't see what the problem is?
  3. Its ridiculous, Bob Geldorf may be many things, but he is demonstrably, NOT racist. :roll:
  4. People will get on any bandwagon to have a rant, and whilst im here..........
  5. I'm sure this discussion has taken place elsewhere on this board, but doesn't the lack of African artists just demonstrate a more serious point about aid and helping Africa? That currently, we're all far too concerned with what we can do - and far too little concerned about what we can help Africans do for themselves. We can throw as much money as we like at Africa to ease our consciences, but unless we're helping them to work for themselves, rule their countries themselves (as opposed to having tinpot dictators run them for them), trade for themselves, we're achieving the square root of f**k all.

  6. I think the lack of African artist simply illustrates the lack of popular African musicians. Off the top of my head I cant think of any.

  7. What about that band that did the Heinz Beans advert

    Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Inkanyezi Nezazi

    Thats about the only one i can think of at this moment. :D
  8. Oh no...I hope Lenny Henry doesn't turn up and do that really really tired "Theophilus P Wildebeest" thing to even the cultural balance. Honestly, if you ever listen to his stand up routine, he goes into that yank accent Barry White rubbish every couple of minutes. It's pish pish pish.

    Let's face it, African music is a bunch of arrse. Who wants to listen to that when you can listen to good home grown music like er...Kylie...er I mean Geri...er I mean...Gareth Gates...er....oh bugger it give us Afrika Bambata. (yes I know that the Kylester is an Aussie).

    I can turn and play some anti-bleeding heart songs on my geetar if you like(?) :wink:
  9. Surely its the "thought that counts"? Would anyone want the whole event stopped just because there are no african bands. Isn't that positive discrimination?
  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Can someone explain how Saint Bob and a few thousand pissartists in a stadium is going to solve the problems of Africa.

    When we have written off their debts as nation states what comes next?

    Endless Charity?

    The countries will still be run by the same inept and corrupt geezers who will see the eradication of debt as an opportunity to borrow money to buy arms and live the high life.

    The Possibilities Are.....

    A) The West will lend them more money and they will spend it on hookers, Mercedes cars and palaces whilst the people starve. In five years time SNAFU.

    B) The West will lend them money to rebuild under UN control but they can' repay it etc. etc. etc. and Saint Bob bitches about African Debt and how we are all evil whilst the population starve. In five years time SNAFU.

    c) The West will lend them no more money because there isn't a leader beyond the borders of Israel and Southwards who isn't lining his pockets and employing his kids as ministers/advisors etc. and so The West can't get the money back again and so the population starve. SNAFU.

    Come on ye Grauniad readers, explain where I have gone wrong and demonstrate to me an African leader who could get a greasy stick up a dog's arrse even with the Airfix instructions and a tube of KY.
  11. I saw Dido being interviewed by Sky News yesterday who, when asked about the lack of African artistes at the Hyde Park gig, trotted out the line that since the G8 summit was being held in the UK, the UK gig would have artistes from the G8 countries.

    Fair comment, or backward-planning?
  12. Fcuk em!!! The african artist's have their own Racist event anyway....................The MOBO (Music of Black Origin) awards!!! Imagine the uproar if we had a Music of White Origin award show, Talk about riots!!!!! It's pure coincidence that no African artists have been included in Bob Gandalfs gig. SIMPLE!!!!!
  13. You beat me to it Beardo!

    I have thought for a very long time that the MOBO Awards were pish.

    I am not racist (well, aren't we all a little bit if we look hard enough) but I really hate these double standards that are now the 'norm' in our society.
  14. the MOBOs aren't exclusively for Black artists though, just music with a supposedly "black" root (which I myself would say was most popular music anyway, bearing in mind the Blues influence but whick is now defined as all the stuff that Chavs like).