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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Iolis, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. I am no longer able to connect to various sites on the internet and the more I attempt to solve the problem, the more I am convinced that the problem lies with the ISP, in this case Tiscali.co.uk who were carrying out internal maintenance last week.

    The sites I can no longer reach are


    We are unable to reach them indirectly through google

    I wonder if anyone else out there using Tiscali is able to reach these sites?

    There appears to be no problem reaching them with other servers (our friends have tried) and having spoken to fortnums and consilio, there are no technical problems with their sites.

    I have tried the usual self help, disconnecting internal security system such as firewall and anti-viral softwear (Windows live OneCare) etc but the problem remains.

    Both myself and the wife have separate computers in separate rooms and both use the same ISP have the same operating system (Windows XP) and the same security system and neither of can reach the above sites.

    Can anyone offer a solution?

    Most grateful for any assistance.
  2. Sounds like a problem with tiscali DNS server try pinging the server by name ie from the command line
    ping fortnumandmason.com
    and you should get a reply from ip if you don't get a reply try pinging the IP address. If that works then DNS is likely to be the problem.
    Next step is to point at a different DNS server BT have a free one as do a couple of other ISP's try google for some IP addresses
  3. Iolis, I know it's not actually any help to you, but I suspect you are right. I had considerable problems when I used Tiscali. It was only rectified when I changed my ISP....
  4. Iolis do you know how to manually amend which your DNS servers your PC looks at? Most people have it set to automatic these days, whether on their router or their PC, but Windows normally lets you add two in manually. You could leave one as the Tiscali default and set the other to a different ISP.

    I found this page that lists all the various ISP settings (as alluded to by Baldrick66). Good luck.
  5. Problem sorted.

    I am most grateful for your time and useful replies.

    Thanks fellas!

    Regards and best wishes