Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_Blighty, Feb 1, 2005.

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  1. Any computer geeks out there know how to delete a Master Boot Record from a hard drive ?

    My PC crashed the other day, I had to restart it from master boot discs (6) downloaded from Gates empire website, it subsequently created a 2 gig partition in my hardrive, containing windows. This drive is now full, and therefore unable to do bugger all as there is no space to cache info on. It also created a new drive - F: Which, knowing bugger all about computers I thought i'd be clever an install windows on it again, and then simply delete the other version of windows on C:. This did not work :oops:

    I now have two versions of Widows XP Pro on my hard drive, and the system seems to keep defaulting to C, which is now completely full.

    I try to format C, but it says I cant as this is a system disc, and is unable to format, even thought I boot up on the F disc version of windows (It gives choice at start).

    Anyone any advice on what to do, other than through the fekking thing out the window.

    Cheers MB
  2. I will ask some of my geek contacts.

    will report back ASAP.

  3. best bet would be to delete all partiitions using fdisk & then create 1 large partition into which you can install a fresh copy of windows (after booting from the XP Pro CD rather than the boot disks you've downloaded).


  4. I agree with BFG (for what it's worth!)

    I had a similar problem about 4 months ago. Don't forget to point the BIOS at the CD, or it will want to load off the hard drive again!!!

    I expect you will get as many different bits of advice as there are users on ARRSE - unfortunately IT is one of those areas (like football and politics) where everyone seems to be an expert. My tenpence worth is - keep it simple - what BFG is suggesting will work!!

    Good luck!! :D
  5. BFG offers excellent advice. However if you havent got a copy of fdisk, simply set your pc to boot from cd and boot up from your xp cdrom and the current partitions can be deleted as part of the installation process. Simply then create a partition of a size that suits you and install xp onto it.

  6. I've just got of the phone from Bill Gates and he told me the best soultion to your problem is to...

    Fill the bath full of water and climb in whilst hugging your PC tower ensuring it is still plugged into the mains via a mutli socket adaptor suitably overloaded with other electrical items. :?
    Hope this is of some help M_B, keep us posted. :D

    P.S. Agent_Smith..... Bill says please stop calling, you are cnut and no you cant join his club either :D
  7. Caits advice is sound.

    If I was to try and sort my PC I would take Caits tips however would opt for a bar fire when leaping into the bath.

    If this fails get a great big magnet and set about yrou PC with it and gently tap the monitor with a peg mallet.
  8. Boney is of course quite right - I'd already corrected myself via PM.
    My excuse? I'm having a bad day!

    & why did I imagine that MDN was about to post that he would jump into the bath with Cait?
    As would we all.......


  9. I would like to help Mighty-Blighty but have not got a clue what the feck you are on about as I am a confirmed mong when it comes to computers.

    Have you tried licking the screen ??
  10. RTFQ


    'puters are funny creatures that I think may have been wizards once. The easiest solution is to pick up the offending tower, seal it in a Bio-Hazard bag and take it to the specialists at PC World or Curry's. Make sure you identify the cleverest assistant there (easily spotted by their acne, vacant stare and drool), if this proves difficult then press the fire alarm - the one you want is the gangly-legged 17 year old running in circles waving his arms or alternatively the smug-looking fat one building a protective fire shelter from epsom laser printers.
    Make sure you giggle when you say "floppy disk" or "hard drive," that always helps.
  11. Talking of re-booting from an XP CDROM. Ive just bought a new PC with XP home preloaded on it. I have no CD software included whatsoever, wtf do I do if it goes tits up ?
  12. RTFQ


    Can we have a geek forum please? My renal artery just went pop with boredom.

    Does anyone want to come round my place and play roll playing games? I'll be the dwarf.
  13. Have you tried talking to your computer. I do all the time and sometimes it talks back, usually just after I've turned it on.
  14. You may have a 'recovery partition' built into the hard drive. If it goes tits-up you follow the instructions on screen and it recovers Windows XP from a 'hidden' area of the hard drive. Often when PC manufacturers use this sort of system, they include a CD called 'recovery disk' or similar.

    If you have neither the manufacturers may have forgotten to include it - or they are a bunch of cowboys and your version of Windows is illegal. Have you got a shiny new Microsoft sticker on the computer that gives the licence number? If not get in touch with the place that you bought it from or, if that fails, Microsoft and report it as an illegal copy!
  15. Buy a mac.
    Hope this helps,
    Sticky :D