PC gone stonkin mad this time: P-word??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jakeblues68, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Now I don't watch much TV and I wouldn't turn over from Top Gear to see Big Brother, but one can't help listening to the news headlines, especially when its another PC row.

    This time its not the N-word, its the P-word.


    I personally don't like either words, does this now mean I must call my duracell copper topped mate by the G-word? (ginger)

    Similarly must i call my bespectacled brother by the SFE-word (speccy four eyes)

    Help, I feel I am growing too old too quickly for all this, next I will be struggling with programming electronic gadgets.
  2. if uncle albert can say it so can i !
  3. Working in UAE there were a lot of Pakistani contractors. They all referred to each other as Pakis in the same way that we might be called Brits. A bit of a culture shock coming from PC Britain.

    It's a bit daft for young British people with Pakistani ancestors to refer to themselves as Pakis though, they should be Brits. (or Brummies or Scousers or Jocks or Taffs.

    Would it be racist to refer to someone as being a Negro? That's all that Nigger is a corruption of.

    We have all got rather too wound up about names really.
  4. Does that mean I can't call any Jockistani's 'Porridge Wog'?

    Do I have to refer to them as 'Oatmeal Ethnics' now? :D
  5. Fcuk me, wasn't long before they jumped on that wagon was it?

    Can we still say "Indies"?
    What about "Chinkies"?

    Christ, just wait till the Welsh start!
  6. Yet another load of nonsence.

    Rap lyrics are filled with the 'N' word, yet they are more than happy to take white peoples money to buy the records. charley from big brother jumped on the racism bandwagon big time. Disgusting.

    I am not racist at all, but it is p1ssing me off no end that the PC brigade (most likely upper class white people) are making dramas about everything invloving people of colour.

    And as for 'they' are allowed to say it but 'we' arent. Yeh thats gonna work.
  7. so if an american tourist refers to me as a 'brit', can i get on my soap box and start moaning too?

    you can tell if the terms nigger, paki or whatever are used in an aggressive and degrading manner, its common sense over political nonsense. political correctness is the worst invention of the 21st century.
  8. Going back on a previous thread about 'gollie's' the new pc version without the w0g bit. Although it is not known where the word 'w0g' originated, it is generally thought to mean 'western oriental gentleman', must be me, but doesn't seem that offensive to me? :?
  9. No, I think that is a joke from the 1970s.
  10. I heard it stood for 'worker of government', the gentlemen involved were made to wear boiler suits with W.O.G. emblazoned on them while carrying out jiff jobs.
  11. My Mum always used to say "sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me!"

    Clearly she won't mind me calling her an uncaring, spiteful old witch then will she?

    Only joking, I love her really.
  12. I don't think that's quite right. Nigger, as I understand it, is a corruption of the latin niger which means black, or in the nominitive form, a black man, hence Guy Gibson's black labrador having the name before the PC loonies decided to edit 'The Dam Busters' to remove it.
  13. Not a bad idea to try out on our civil service :twisted:
  14. You're right, negro must be Spanish development of niger.
  15. The American film industry, changing historical points ??? Just to benefit their own needs and requirements??? NEVER!!!! :twisted:

    I thought it was only on the US released version the dog has had its name changed, something to a less easily offended group , one with less rights than any other on the planet, theyve renamed it 'Ginger Cracker' :wink: