PC gone Mad?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Flyinglow, Oct 24, 2005.

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  1. PC gone made or what?

    Piggy banks are being banned in case they offend Muslim customers,
    The decision by high street banks was condemned as “barmy” and “Bonkers” by critics.
    They warned that such moves would only fuel inter-community tensions. Branch bosses imposed the ban because they fear the time-honoured symbol for thriftiness could upset ethnic customers.
    All promotional material bearing the figure has now been scrapped because the Koran forbids Muslims from eating pork and pigs are considered by them to be unclean. Muslim leaders in East Lancashire, where there is a large immigrant community and the first bans were imposed, applauded the Halifax and Nat West.

    (Clip from the Express)
  2. OMFG. I give up.....
  3. I would of thought a Piggy bank would have been useful to them, because as far as I'm aware they cannot recieve or pay interest.
  4. Every Muslim person I have spoken too doesn't give a ratts arrse about porcaline pigs.

    Offended? Hell no! My neighbour is a Muslim, and when asked he even said it was stupid and "world gone mad".
  5. I am actually looking forward to saving coins in a little fat bellied Buddha. Assume us honkies will complain long and loudly about them (not)!!
  6. FFS why do we insist on pandering to the petty whims of minority groups?
    If the Muslim leaders in East Lancashire have a problem with Piggy Banks being used in a predominantly Christian country, then perhaps they should think about moving to a Muslim country.
  7. I doubt any minority group has ever been offended by St Georges flags, nativity plays, bibles or any other thing that they are supposed to be offended by. Its always: "bosses fear [insert minority group] will be take offense."

    The PC brigade are doing the exact opposite of what they want to achieve as it is always the minority groups themselves who get the blame for this sort of nonsense.
  8. What ever next!! with all the chrimbo decs going up in the shops maybe the PC brigade will ban them as promoting Christian etheics...... I think not to much money to be made on this commercial enterprise synical noooo!! Twats.
  9. How absurd. Perhaps we should also avoid the use of cow creamers to placate our Hindu brethren? Or alternatively the PC brigade could get a life, a job and do something useful like dig injured children out of the rubble in Islamabad. That might be a more constructive way of showing inter-faith outreach and a desire to understand and empathize...
  10. Hindus drink milk. They just don't eat beef.
  11. WTF is up with these so-called dogooders? Like PG said, you can't blame Muslims because the majority of them wouldn't give a rat's arrse about it. So fed up of hearing of rules and regs being implemented about something as innocent and simple like blimmin piggy banks to 'protect' those who don't need or ask for such protection.

    How or where are these ideas materalised? :?

  12. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    THAT bank is thinking about releasing a Greedy Goat savings scheme. A goat, hanging from a miniature hook with its tongue hanging out of its gob will be issues to all 'savers not for profit'

    The BANK said that the coins would be deposited in the 'rather large gash' in the throat area and a drop of red liquid would signify safe deposit. The saver would know when the Goat was full as it would be out of red liquid
  13. Gents ,

    Simple solution...

    If you dont like living in England, if you dont like our customs and culture, dont try and change anything because some of us English may find your attitude offensive......so go back to your own countryand stay there.
  14. I'm an atheist. Can I claim to be offended by all religious symbolism and practice, and therefore get it banned?
  15. I note that Christianity(practise thereof) is banned in Pakistan.In Iraq,Christians have been burned out of their churches and killed.Here in UK,we worry about piggy banks.The place has gone to hell in a handcart.