PC gone mad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. What a complete and utter waste of police time:-
    'Darkie Day' filmed by officers

    Police in Cornwall have confirmed they filmed an event in which locals black up their faces and dance through the streets of a Cornish town.
    Police shot video of the most recent "Darkie Days" in Padstow and have submitted a file to the CPS.

  2. Now I know what this festival/custom is , and I'm damn well sure the local bobbies do too.
  3. I always though that 'Darkie Day' celebrated the freedom of slaves who were shipwrecked off Padstow?
  4. It is a different world west of the Tamar. People do things differently, and are... special.

    A few years ago, a friend and I were rock-climbing in a disused quarry, near Truro. While crossing the floor of the quarry, we came across a tree that was adorned with sheep's skulls, standing over what appeared to be an altar. The surrounding ground was covered in old Scrumpy bottles and candle stumps and scraps of hyper-dodgy looking porn... 8O
  5. Fantastic! Hope you stayed a while? :D
  6. Means some lefto pinkie has complained!!

    Go and chase some fecking criminals not video local 'customs' !!! Morons, - what a waste of time and effort.
  7. Good to see old Political Correctness raising its ugly head........why, wouldn't want anybody to be offended now would we :wink: So what if there was nobody there to witness who would be offended, its the "thought" that counts :?

    Now doesn't that remind you off a certain famous book by a man called George :evil:
  8. Its a black day for local customs :roll:

    Raising money for charity, has been going on for over a century. Doesn't matter that no malice was intended. Can I complain about the annual carnival in London because I find it upsetting :?:
  9. Can't you realise that New TBliar/Labour would not want to upset the minoritites and risk losing their vote :roll: