PC gone even madder

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Poppy, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article-23399476-details/PC+brigade+ban+pin-ups+on+RAF+jets+-+in+case+they+offend+women+and+Muslims/article.do

    PC brigade ban pin-ups on RAF jets - in case they offend women and Muslims
    Add your view

    "Royal Air Force chiefs have risked a bust-up with pilots by forcing them to black out pictures of glamorous pin-ups painted on their jets.

    Since the 1940s British airmen have posted pictures across their aircraft as risque as their crews' missions were risky.............."

    boo hiss - I don't care what the RAF put on their jets but rather object to being lumped in with muslims...............I am a human being and if I am offended I am perfectly capable of saying so - eg Labour offend me
  2. I hope someone apologizes to the 'slopes' for 'Enola Gay' and what that cab did.

    This MUST be a spoof post.
  3. You couldn't make it up!

    But on the same note, i.e. offence, I'm a skinny (10st 8) and all these disgusting, smelly, sweaty, obscenely fat fückers I see on the streets are extremely offensive to me. And not only to me, but to the vast majority of "normal-sized" people. So now we have a situation.

  4. Seconded.

    The people that are likely to be offended by the depictions of naked women on aircraft seem somehow to take no offence at the underslung missiles and bombs, each carrying a load of swift and fiery death to some deserving (mostly) bastid. If they did, they'd be pacifists, and could be ridiculed as such. As is, they're simply pollyanna type loonies on their little moral high horses, and mad clerics screaming discrimination from every subsidised hateful pore in their wasted bodies.

    I recall a thread on another (non military) forum, expressing offence at the septic's habit of painting slogans on the barrels of their tank cannon. So what is more offensive, I ask: "Death bringer", painted on the side of a tank's barrel, or a tank shell from said cannon, travelling at 1534 metres a second towards you.

    Get a grip ffs. :roll:
  5. Well if someone is going to drop a massive payload of exploding death on me I don't want them enjoying the appearance of their plane, or decorating it in a way that could cause offence (should I be able to see the artwork when its flying at high speed behind clouds etc.)
  6. Okay then. I pass a new resolution.

    All highly effective and deadly weapons of war, should be designed to be as ugly as possible, to prevent the user from garnering any enjoyment from their use.

    *Watches F-117 fly past*

    Oh wait, they've already tried that one.
  7. Thanks for reminding me. I need to cut out a stencil for my new tank's name. "Diplomacy in Action"

    Previous tank was named

  8. Alas this is nothing new. The same happened to the Harriers when they were on Telic 1. Both nose art and supposed 'hits' had to be scrubbed in case they caused offence.

  9. Does that include the Lady in Red? :?

    Talk about Virgin' on the ridiculous... :p
  10. PC gone mad.

    I would think a 500lb Mk 82 bomb landing in your back garden would be slightly more offensive than some tart depicted on the side of an aircraft travelling at 500 knots.
  11. I just love that the article seems to be an excuse to show as many pieces of this 'offensive art' as possible...
  12. which weirdo thought THIS was sexy...eeeuuuuw

    Attached Files:

  13. sorry to take the in a civvie direction but i am reminded of the fuss over the GTA san andreas computer game. The game basically involves your running around shooting people, including police and military types, running down pedestrains, beating people senseless to gain thier compliance and all sorts of other nastyness. The big fuss was that there was disabled code which, if reactivated, would allow the user to play a really crap 'sex game'. The probelm being the damageing effect this 'sex game' would have on the children playing the game. FFS, what is worse, killing people or sex, crazy septics!

  14. Yet another example of the steady erosion of OUR history and culture in the name of "Diversity".

    Call me old fashioned but I thought that our reason for existence was to defend freedom of thought and expression and if the RAF wishes to surrender to a politically correct tyranny whose sole aim is to destroy everything that was good and noble in this once great country then it is indeed a sad day.

    I wonder what those soldiers, sailors and airmen who took part in Overlord on this very day in 1944 would have made of this.
  15. fcuk it. im ductaping an entire series of playboy magazines to the side of a 110 and going to drive through spark hill, park outside a mosque and play 'Bombs over baghdad' by Outcast.

    or would that be politically incorrect?