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  1. There are many 'Shoot em up' and more serious 'war Simulations' available for PC computers now. Obviously, they can never replicate the real thing but they are fun and enjoyable to play.
    My favourites in the ;Shoot em up' class are 'The Deadly dozen, Pacific Theater' for jungle warfare and 'Medal of Honor' (yes, they're both American) for European warfare. For more serious tactical and strategic sims my favourite is 'Combat mission Afrika Corp', a 3D turn based sim that lets you command either for or against Rommels lot in North Africa. You can also fight in Italy or Crete.
    More details on http://www.battlefront.com/products/cmak/cmak.html

    Can anyone else recommend good PC games?
  2. I've played Medal of Honor and I loved it very much. There is an extremely good one that tops all of these. I shall get the name and post it here.
  3. Veitcong, The best FPS I've ever encountered, and yes it even makes you feel that keeping your head down and emptying your magazine is Good idea....
  4. While we're on this, does anyone know a good game of the sort that's online/multi-player with a good system?
  5. Again Veitcong.
    Deltaforce 2 and Black hawk down are both good fun, both stand alone and online.

    On a tatical game, I'd point you towards WinMBT, it's free ware, and alot of fun.
  6. For online accuracy you cant beat Americas army. You even have to pass an APWT before you can go on line.

    Best of all its free to down load.
  7. Sudden Strike II for those who like RTS (Real Time Strategy)

    Think in terms of Command and Conquer with no resources to mine, and what looks like the entire Russian Army steaming towards you. Historical scenarios a bit iffy , but some of them are all nighters. Multiplay capability as well.

    Still think OP. Flashpoint is very good as regards keeping your head down realism , ditto Rogue Spear series.
  8. I would have to agree with Medal Of Honor for being an all round fun game, I have picked up the whole lot and have had an enjoyable hung over afternoon playing them.

    Cheers 2CB
  9. Try out Brothers in Arms for X-Box or PC,quite good but not as good as Call of Duty.For online multiplayer Battlefield 2 is good fun and can be played offline too.
  10. For FPS I would have to go with Far Cry. Good fun and the AI for the enemy is good.
  11. I know it's not a modern warfare game, but the best PC strategy game I've ever played (ever) is Rome: Total War. It's a strategy game and a brilliant combat game rolled into one. Very playable, amazing graphics and stacks of free mods on the intaweb to jazz it up once you've finished it.

    If you've ever watched "Spartacus" or "Gladiator" and wanted to be in control of it all, then this is the game for you. You can even unleash burning pigs on enemy elephants to try and freak 'em out.

    As for Xbox/ console titles, Full Spectrum Warrior (developed as a FIBUA tool for the US Army) is a pretty exciting, beautifully rendered squad-based tactics game as you control two four man fireteams in a variety of environments in Somewhereistan.

  12. f you're going to play Rome: Total War then ditch the as-supplied version and download the mod Rome: Total Realism ( www.rometotalrealism.com ).

    This loses the historically inaccurate nonsense that infests the basic game and expands the playing map. It also tweaks things so playing every single faction is a more satisfying experience. My personal favourite is Armenia as they have a very balanced choice of units, but currently I'm the Parthians, adjusting to a cavalry oriented way of life.
  13. Right here goes....

    Military Sim

    Op Flashpoint, with the UK MOD Pack
    Brothers in Arms Road to hill 30

    Online Military Sim
    Joint Operations

    None Military Games
    Boiling Point

    Best game of all time.....

    BBC B - Elite :)
  14. Imperial Glory for anyone who enjoys the Napoleonic wars, you choose from 5 empires:
    Great Britain
    And go about Europe and Morroco (and the other Arabic countries) and take it all over using diplomacy or just brute Military strength (both used together is best).
  15. Try Enemy Territory,

    a stand alone free online game, Axis vs Allies(USA vs Germans)
    we had a bash at it last year on arrse good fun to waste away a few hours.