Pc filmed dumping teenager in bin.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ObnoxiousJockGit, Oct 22, 2005.

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  1. Pc filmed dumping teenager in bin.

    There is camera phone footage on the linked page.
  2. having watched the vid, i would say some little oik is after compensation, that looked and sounded nothing more than a prank to me, with no malice at all
  3. Oh, FFS. Would the father really have preffered a trip down to the station to pick up the kid? After seeing the tape, it is quite clear that this is far less extreme than the clip around the ear that coppers used to give little scrotes back in the day.

    The kid and his parents are blatantly just shaking the compensation tree to see what falls out. B@stards. His mate even found it funny and the kid at the time didn't exactly look traumatised by the experience.
  4. Anop and ...........Pierre?

    Not local lads then?
  5. Little brat was on the news last night saying how traumatised he was by the incident :lol: I reckon the plod should get a bloody medal for what he did, but no the poor guy gets suspended for doing what millions of people would love to do to a mouthy little sh*te like anup, or is it anus? :lol: :lol:
  6. Surely the footage should go in favour of the policeman. It shows there was a non violent atmosphere where both kids are heard laughing, and his so called struggle isn't exactly the reaction I would expect from a terrified little boy. He's trying to get the final word in and doesn't care if it means destroying someones reputation. If that was my kid I'd be wondering what the hell the wee brat got up to provoke such a reaction, then they'd get a clip for being disrespectful!
  7. As teachers are going to get the power of using 'minimum reasonable force' to control their pupils in the classroom, why not give police the same? It'll stop scroats like this taking the p1ss and certainly cut down on lippy chave who up to now know that they can't be done with anything because the paperwork isn't worth it because they'd be back out on the streets before it was completed anyway. A little pain or a little humiliation in front of their chav mates might 'instil some respect' in the law.

    Even if it doesn't it'd act as a stress release valve for the poor copper on the street who sees what's going on but can't do anything in the law to try and prevent it. And that's got to be healthy.
  8. Strange reaction for a couple of kids who think they arte getting assaulted by a police officer, after all, once one was in the bin you could expect that the same 'traumatic' fate could be faceing yourself.

    But... "Pierre videoed Anop being "binned" on his mobile phone and can be heard laughing in the background."

    It would seem to me that the kids took it in the spirit it was intended, But as soon as daddy found out the 'cahs registers' started ringing in his ears, and he had to explain how 'traumertized' harmless little Anop really was. It's pathetic really. If you do the crime, you do the crime.... or accept the policeman's little fun. You'd accept it from your peers or you'd never be accepted as one of the 'gang' ever again.

    And before anyone says that there was no crime because the kids say that they didn't do anything, it really does make sense for a policeman to just pick up a kid and put them in a bin without any provocation does it?
  9. My sentiments exactly, crabtastic.

  10. Too true. Agree 100% with you there. A good clip round the ear never did any harm and you could certainly do worse in todays society.
  11. I agree GB.

    The scrotes were just out for publicity - as is the way in our blame / claim society, thanks to Bliars Nanny State.
  12. What I thought most interesting was the reaction of the people the reporter showed the film to. White, fairly well spoken women and man laughed, wheras the gentleman who was not white was disgusted. Now, perhaps the BBC chose those four interviewees to rile up sceptics like me, but if it genuinely showed the balance of opinion, it demonstrates the extent to which the asian/muslim/minority population of the UK feels alienated from the police. How the same piece of film can elicit two completely different reactions, with the controlling factor seeming to be the respondents ethnicity, is far more a cause of concern to me than whether the officer involved will face charges, or whether Anup and his family are guilty of cashing in.

    For the record, I thought it was funny, that the boys seemed to take it in the spirit in which it was given, and in fact it was an admirable piece of "community friendly" policing, which avoided heavy handedness. The police have enough legislation on their side that they could have nicked the little guy for whatever he was doing, but instead the officer chose the "low intensity" option. Well done him.

    But then I'm white, so I'm obviously biased.
  13. As poor little Anoop is so traumatised by the event, then clearly he needs treatment and counselling. I suggest a few months stay in a secure Mental hospital would help him get over this.
  14. One suspects that the BLESSED LEADER's wife will be first in line to help the poor traumatised disadvantaged yoof sue the cruel,oppressive,nazi policeman.
    Am i just getting ahead of myself? :wink:
  15. Not looked at the link on this thread, but I read elsewhere that the police was responding to a call that two brats were throwing conkers at passers-by. Police came, investigated, told them off and was going when the indian lad got lippy with the policeman - his response being somethng like 'if you don't be quiet, I'll put you in the bin'. Lippy retorts 'go-on then'. Now - couldn't some smart alec say that the plod bloke gave a warning and was encourage by the victim to carry out so-called punishment?

    Traumatised my arse. Thought he was suffering from 'deep-embarrassment'? :roll: