PC Council c*nts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bernoulli, May 31, 2012.

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  1. I've just finished dressing my house in celebration of the diamond jubilee of our gracious sovereign. I set out to establish a certain tone. Each upper window pane has a St George's cross with the red hand of Ulster, and the name of a great British fighting formation in each quadrant; the Paras, the Guards, 22 SAS, the Millwall, etc.
    I photoshopped up something a bit special for the bay windows: a tryptich of Enoch Powell and Sir Oswald Moseley dressed in pure white robes and surmounted by halos, walking hand in hand over the prone bodies of the coloured man and the damned Pope, while Nick Griffith and Henno out of Ultimate Force gaze on adoringly.
    Now, admittedly, Sir Oz and the 'Noch look like a brace of gibbering homos, but the sentiment is unmistakeable.
    Just to add a touch of the Shankill, I've painted the kerbstones red, white and blue.
    You know what? The fcuking Council have served me an enforcement notice to take it all down. It's PC gone mad.
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  2. You should have seen the pinko bastards reaction when I tried to set up a market stall selling hand knitted Golliwogg's.
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  3. There is no rhyme or reason to beaurocracy. Labour run council?
    Sounds too tasteful for words. Smacks of jealousy me thinks.
  4. Make a stand!!! It'll be worth the jail time!
  5. Even this late I can spot the anomaly.
  6. That would genuinely have been a wine-nose-keyboard interface situation were I not so mean & have just spent a short while going purple while trying not to inhale or expel the booze.

  7. Yeah, they don't run them, do they?
  8. Take a photo of it before you do anything and post it on here. What was their objection to? The blatent support for the military?
  9. Lucky you didn't have any olympic stuff, you'd really be in trouble then!
  10. There's an awful lot of it about these day's, I recall when it meant "Personal Computer".
  11. You should see his Christmas tree

  12. They made me put out my burning cross as well. So I replaced it with a burning Republican.
  13. While we're on this subject, I'd like to present the best photograph ever taken. It's the good wife and I on our wedding day.

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  14. and you look so good in that dress
  15. And how did you convince Adolph (far left of arc - for once) to conduct the Mass?