PC Case recommendations


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I am looking at replacing my ageing (and falling apart) case. I don't have a lot to spend at the moment but thought I would ask around to see if anyone has any recommendations.

Must have reasonably efficient air flow as my 8800GT runs a little warm and has a tendancy to become a little unstable if it gets too hot, although its a lot better now I have replaced the stock cooler with an aftermarket one.

Have a look at this one, apparently it's designed with the gamer in mind, for under £30. Plenty of other ones on here, I picked my new case up for under £20 including delivery
I recommend you have a PC case... or it just looks messy.

Thought about making your own?


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Blogg said:
This one is good if you are going to upgrade your kit in future. Graphics cards are getting huge and some will simply not fit in ordinary cases


Ive actually had the Antec 300 recommended from a number of different place so think I will likely go with that option.

As for graphics cards, your not wrong there, Im currently running an XFX 8800GT with this bad boy on it and a 90mm fan, that takes up a fair bit of room.


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off subject a little but, i want to buy a good PC for gaming but i am a bum so i have limited amounts of money. anyone know anything?