PC Brigade Now Back Pikeys

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by IdleAdjt, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. Oh my blood boils.

    Mr Howard simply states the truth that "travellers" are flouting the law and ruining the lives of ordinary law-abiding citizens by living on illegally sites. He goes on to say that if he were PM that he would like the law changed to stop this an protect the rights of tax paying members of the community.

    The PC Brigade immediately shout Mr Howard down as a racist.

    Has the world gone barking? No longer can we criticise illegal activity by any minority group for fear of offending them. It is not racist to state the truth. These epople do make the lives of the people they invade a misery. There are now 120, 000 travellers in the UK. How many pay tax? How many add any value to our society?

    The best comment on Mr Howard's approach came from a Labour backbencher who said that it was a racist slur. Did Mr Howard not know that proportionally, the gypsies were the second most persecuted group during the Holocaust? So what. I suspect theat the average pikey of today would not know what the holocaust was. Just because some poor gypsy in the past was persecuted by a foreign government does that mean that we cannot criticise a group who fail to obey the laws of the land.
  2. I have spent countless hours over the last few nights debating this with the pinkos at urban 75 over wether he was racist and picking on the travellers.

    No matter how i put across my argument, they are not for changing their attitude. They have a hate of the tories so ingrained in them that anything (and i mean anything) that the tories put out is shot down as racist or facist. It s beggining to seem to me that they realise that some of what mr Howard is saying is just good old common sense and that they dont want to admit it so must shout it down as racist. The emptiest barrels make the loudest noise! :D
  3. Smudger,

    I would watch it. Surely arguing that Mr Howard is not racist means that you too believe in what he said meaning that you are racist. Well, we don't want you hear spouting your hate filled tracts. Go and commit your hate crimes elsewhere...

    God help us, rid us of these PC Clowns.
  4. Are travellers in the UK all from one background? Are they a "race"? I haven't noticed many true Romanies stealing my apples and laying faulty driveways.

    Is it more a case of discrimination against a lifestyle? Which should surely be justified as travellers are leeches, and we discriminate against anyone else who sponges off the state: benefit fraud etc.
  5. Neither Agent_Smith or Howard are putting forward racist views "travellers" are not a race. Romany Gypsies claim they are a "race" but few of these travellers are Romany.
  6. I know a few of the new age traveller types and although I would'nt choose there lifestyle they tend to try to avoid causing offense. stay off private land as its too easy to be evicited and flit from one bit of council land to the next quite a few of the actually work and pay taxes. tend to roam around in old four tonners and the like .
    the brand new caravan and 4X4 mob seem to think they have the right to camp any where and certainly make little effort to clean up after themselves
    and are always sprouting about human rights while having more than there fair share of crims
  7. Agreed, the current crop of Pikeys are not a race. Calling them a race would suggest they are a collection of families who have a common culture. Whereas they are infact one interbread family who have no culture other than theiving, selling lucky heather and cursing you when you politely point out that they are lazy law breakers.
  8. I think he was being facetious? :?
  9. Watch out, don't use too many big words here, you'll lose people like me :wink:
  10. Reports indicate that the the troublesome ones are from Eira where they are commonly known as tinkers. Irish legislation has a whole raft of provisions for dealing with tinkers amounting almost to prohibition. The current surge are those who cannot exist in Ireland. There are also a number of what I would term as individual livers who have gone on the road rather than live like the majority. My attitude is that travellers are entitled to respect for their way of life so long as they keep on travelling but once they stop, they are not travellers and have to live by our standards and laws.
  11. Interesting point about the Rep of Ireland. I understand they have some draconian laws to stop these "tinkers" from ... well, exsisting. Due to these laws, they have all upped stciks and moved over here.

    Now please someone point out if there is a special law allowing any old Irishman to come to the UK. I realise there is a set quota of Paddys that must be adhered and that they all must work in either a pub or as a builder. However, can we not stop this invasion? Are we in a no win situation with these deadbeats. They are coming into the country and I suspect, they have very little intent to pay any taxes. Istead, we get lumbered with curing, policing and cleaning up after them, whilst they ,merrily wander around the country tinkering from peoles sheds and garages.
  12. Surely imigration laws should apply to all those entering this country that are not UK citizens. That includes the Irish and any other English speaking nation. Perhaps some of these people should be turned back if there is the suspicion that they will be coming for more than just a holiday in their caravans. And if they claim that they are coming over here to work as is the right of EU citezens then it should be fairly easy to check this out.