PC boot-up problem


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The registry and Bios are not the same thing dude, I never said to mess with the Bios - I said to check the ULPS settings in the registry - which is a windows thing.
ULPS - Ultra low power settings....

Some times the GPU will go into a sleep state (black screen) for a long time during windows boot up if this is set on - turning this off, results in a far faster bootup on certain computers.
duh. registry even.


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I would second hard drive issues as a likely cause, first thing the bios looks for is the HDD containing the windows.

Have you added any additional hard drives at any point or have more than one?
Also with the keyboard, the bios just beeps and a no keyboard detected message pops up and it carries on with the boot sequence, the problem with wireless is the driver is on the Hard Drive and part of the boot sequence.

So it seems it’s taking 10 minutes looking for your hard drive.

Tried switching the cables?
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