PBR - A Spiteful and Selfish Plan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Oyibo, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. I'm making two swingeing assumptions here:

    1. There won't be a Labour government after the next General Election.
    2. That Labour are driven by the desire to get back into government (at some time).


    The PBR seems at first glance to be a sign of spiteful and restrictive policy drive aimed not at improving the economy, but hamstringing the next administration: There appear to be few measures to reduce spending, but many to increase income. They seem to come into effect in the tenure of the next administration.


    No matter which party comes into power, they will have to deal with the debts and promises of the current government.
  2. Regardless of the PBR your last sentence appears to be a statement of the bleeding obvious. Your awareness of the finer political nuance is outstanding.

    Well done.
  3. How long did it take for you to work that out?
  4. The PBR is a return to the days of Old Labour in the '70s where there were 2 or more budgets in the financial year as chancellors who couldnt run an economy adjusted their financial forecasts according to how badly the economy was running.

    Labour never change, and the PBR has become a 2nd opportunity to change taxation in the year. Only the more recent versions under Darling/Brown (obviously written by someone as manical as Brown) have been aimed at the "scorched earth" policies.

    If Brown is going to be removed as PM next May/June, he is leaving nothing for the new chancellor to work with.

    It comes to a sad pass when the PM is more concerned in destroying the economy out of pure spite (which he has done successfully) rather than running the country in the best interests of the country.
  5. Take the piss if you must boys, but he's right. This was a party politics before people PBR and come the inevitable fall of the axe then the forces will cop for more than their fair share, war or no. They always bleedin' do.
  6. You ain't seen NOTHING yet... 8O :twisted:
  7. Can someone please tell me where the 1.5% rise is going to come from for child benefit and disability benefit?? Surely we should be reducing benefits not increasing the bloody things??
  8. Ah... but if you don't do things like that, Enigma, then you don't increase the chance of screwing the UK's credit rating.... thus making life even harder for the Tories, which might, if there's a hung parliament, or only a very small Tory majority, give you a chance of getting back into power in five years, despite everything you've done.

    Cynical? Me?
  9. Tell you what, I am beginning to think they way for me to really get ahead in this world is to pick some random bloke and get pregnant! God forbid I actually work to better myself.

    And do they really think we wil be out of this shite in 5 years?? The pain will only just be beginning to bite. I really shouldnt watch the news as it makes me want to smash the TV into tiny pieces!! :x
  10. My guess Brown will call an election before the real budget in April 2010.

    My prediction would be a general election 11th March 2010.

  11. It's called a 'Scorched Earth' policy.

  12. My bold

    I'm pretty random and a bloke, if thats a help :WINK:
  13. Possible.

    The bonus season for banks means there is usually a significant spike in PAYE & NIC contributions around then. It is simply not going to happen which will mean further strain on public finances.

    Neither Darling nor the Glowering Oaf sitting next to him want to go through another budget and have to admit they have fcuked up even bigger time and failed to take any worthwhile measures.

    So, PBR is indeed just another piece of partisan electioneering of the worst possible kind: Bingo, Boilers and Bugger the economy.
  14. I thought this was a link to the awful Labour Payment By Results economy for the NHS delivered in envelopes suitably corrupted by smoke and mirrors
  15. It looks like the Irish Republics Budget anouncment also today is really savage. Cuts of up to 5 Percent in Public Sector pay, and up to 5 percent on certain benefits.


    Among the most stringent measures was the halving of the allowances for young job seekers aged 20 and 21 without children to 100 euros a week, down from 204.

    The minister justified the cut by saying it was an incentive for young people to take part in low-paid training schemes instead of staying on unemployment benefit.

    For those aged 22-24 the unemployment benefit rate falls to 150 euros a week.

    Those who had refused job offers would also have their payments cut.

    Opposition Fine Gael finance spokesman Richard Bruton called the budget "draconian" and said it was happening because (governing) Fianna Fail "had driven the economy onto the rocks

    It was a "joyless and jobless" budget he said, adding that Minister Lenihan claiming that the worst was over was like George Bush announcing "mission accomplished" in Iraq.

    The 2010 budget comes amid threats of industrial action by public sector workers over pay cuts, with even the police force taking the unprecedented - and possibly illegal - step of threatening to hold a ballot on industrial action.

    The budgetary measures mean that up to 250,000 public sector workers will have their salaries cut by 5 per cent, with higher earners facing cuts of up to 10 per cent.