Paysheets and JPA (+working from home - city)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. I need to go into TA tonight to put in a pay sheet for my last weekend but I'm running so late I wont be able to make the drill night (and I need to travel 30+ miles to get there).

    I could make one of the local TAC's fairly quickly, so my question is. Can I bypass the paysheets and enter my two days pay and travel via JPA??

    Tonight I also intended just working on DII for the entire night, which I could obviously do at my local TAC. Has anyone worked from 'home' before. I expect most of my work to be conducted on DII, so I don't really need to attend my unit on drill nights.
  2. I have 'worked from home' before when having to write an exercise. With another Coy from the Bn just down the road from my work, I did the same thing as you regarding expenses (as I had also done some courses and needed to claim for the travel) and used their DII. Obviously this depends on you knowing someone at your local TAC as it might be a suprise for them if you just rock up!
    Paysheets still needed to go through my coy clerk for entering onto the system and the accompanying spreadsheets. I simply pop them in the post as I can cope with the cost of a stamp...
  3. thanks.

    I know the PSAO at the local unit (its my old regt). I suppose I could ask my current PSAO to email me an electronic version of individual attendance sheet, complete it and email it back with an 'original signed on DII'.
  4. I had some paperwork sent to me the other day for getting paid for working from home. It appeared very complicated but basically you need to get an authorisation number from your CO and that needs to be at least three days in advance of the work being done. There was much more to it than that as well.
    I lost interest!
  5. Polar,

    I thought you were binning Drill Nights. So much for the revolution!

  6. I know but I'm hear unpaid and working. I'll just pop down to TA sign the sheet and come back..... I've done more work than I normally do.

    BUT MY IGS ACCOUNT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My first DII post...... I love DII
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