Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bowser-Mong, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. So MPs get a 2.3% payrise but top public secotr pay is cut at 1.5%. This has been ordered by Broon who is keen to curb the pay in public sectors. But ironic that the biggest wastes of money and oxygen get more.
  2. That's on their basic pay, not on the mainstay of their funding, the expenses pot. I believe that has gone up somewhere in the region of 5%
    ‘We are all aware of the global and national financial position; therefore, I am encouraged
    that this pay award continues to recognise the professionalism, commitment and sacrifice
    of the Army on operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere across the world. It also
    recognises the busy programme that our soldiers undertake between operations with little
    slackening in their pace of life, and it acknowledges the pressures that Service families
    face through long periods of separation and concern. The core pay award is encouraging
    enough but I particularly draw your attention to the improved deals both for those moving
    from the Corporals’ to the Sergeants’ Mess and also for separated service. Monetary
    reward is but part of the way that a government and a nation acknowledges the work that
    soldiers do on their behalf. But this pay increase, at a time of high operational tempo and
    tight fiscal conditions, is very welcome’. CGS.
    1. Announcement of the 2009 AFPRB Pay Award.
    · The Government has accepted the AFPRB’s recommendations in full, without
    · The AFPRB has recommended an increase in Basic Pay of 2.8% across all ranks
    up to (and including) Brigadier.
    · The effective date for changes is to be 1 Apr 09, unless otherwise indicated.
    · Individuals will see the impact of the pay award in their Apr 09 pay statements.

  4. I work in the public sector, but because its a private firm we were told today that our payrise in April would be a wopping 0%.

    Would'nt mind,but they are making money!