Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jimmy1880, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone heard what the armed forces payrise will be for 2008/09?

    I've scoured the net but can't seem to find anything.

    I'm asking as by the time I get in it will be next year and I'm just interested at what the pay will be. Also the regiment I'm planning on joining is based in Germany and I've heard you get extra pay for that but how much would that be?

    Thanks guys.

    edit to add:

    Also on the current payscale the rank of Private has a load of different grades with slightly higher pay each time. Do you go up a grade after a certain amount of time? or how does that work?
  2. Your pay will go up an increment once a year. It's on the anniversary of your promotion for NCOs, not sure how it's worked out for privates - I assume it's anniversary of joining.

    You will get extra pay for Germany, but I've not been so I don't know how much.

    This year's payrise will probably be somewhere around inflation again, no chance of any big rises.
  3. "Has anyone heard what the armed forces payrise will be for 2008/09?"

    Now call me cynical, but once the front bottoms in the Treasury get it sorted it will be decided that you will 2.6% and then they will then hold it back until January next year and it will only be worth 1.6%.
  4. Payrise?

    What one of them then?
  5. Payrise 2%
    Increase in Accn charges 1.5%
    Reduction in LOA 2%
    Freezing of Subsistence Allowances .5%
    Increase in PAYD Charges 2%

    Net Effect minus 0.5%
  6. Cynical b****, Outstanding. This is a promising new recruit - tell him about the humungous annual pay increases and the opportunities to play sports and participate in adventurous activities, and live in good quality accommodation and eat sumptuous meals and... and.... and....

    Litotes :D
  7. Yes, dont let the truth get in the way of recruiting......
  8. The Armed Forces Pay Review Board recommended quite a large increase in the 'X' factor which was wholly endorsed by Brown when he was chancellor. They also recommended a 3% increase in pay across all ranks, which wasn't. Ultimately, the net effect is a pay-freeze when you take in to account inflation, rise in PAYD and rise in accommodation.

    God Bless Gordon Brown!!
  9. I can't see HMG being especially generous with the next pay award. The lowest paid (e.g. Infantry Pte's) may get something similar to last year, but I can't see a big rise for all of us. Considering that Broon is willing to seriously antagonise the Police, who if they chose to could create considerable problems for him, he won't think twice about using the excuse of containing 'public sector wage inflation' on the Armed Forces.

    Yes, we will still get our annual increments on our seniority dates and there will be some tinkering with LOA, 'X' Factor, food/accomodation charges etc, but a a big rise across the board? NO.

    Call me a cynic, but I'd be surprised if it's any other way in 08/09.
  10. Hopefully we will get the extra that the police didn't - but i'm not holding my breath
  11. I tend to agree with you but I have heard that the distortion to the pay scales that Mr Brown introduced last year is exacerbating the retention crisis by reducing the increase a soldier should receive on promotion - if you follow me...

    I don't know what the AFPRB will recommend but I think the Chancellor will insist on 2% which is an effective pay cut with the RPI at 4.2%.

    The Treasury might argue that with the economy crashing into the buffers, recruiting will drastically improve!!! All of those young kids in Northern Rock have to go somewhere!

  12. Well, I think we could do quite well out of the next pay review. After all, if our leaders feel a 10% increase is necessary, how can we be expected to squeak by on less...?
  13. As the MPs are going to vote themselves about 6%, what chance of us getting the same?
  14. Two hopes, and Bob's dead.
  15. Whatever is given rest assured that your accom/MQ/food charges etc will go up in line with it so you end up with the square root of fcuk all.