Payphones cost too much for convicted terrorists it seems

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sallyanne09, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. Security risk it won't happen.
  2. ............that is, until The Wide Mouthed Frog gets on the case.
  3. Genuine question. Not a Wah.

    If a convicted terrorist does not have English as his/her native language does he/she have to speak English when on the phone?
  4. All calls are recorded anyway.
  5. He should be treated in exactly the same way & given the same rights as he would in a Middle Eastern prison & that certainly wouldn't include Skype. :)
  6. Dunno about giving him Skype, I,d give the bastard Stripes............with a bullwhip.
  7. tbh i think given the cost of keeping thease toads in prison they should be out breaking rocks or chained together digging ditches/clearing rivers.

    all this crap about humin rights pisses me off, a prisoner has the right to be fed, sleep on a bed, have a roof over his head, breth fresh air. it is there duty to repay society for the r crime by providing labour and on completion of htere sentance they will receive one quarter days pay for every complete day worked, docked by one days wage for every day they did not work (time in the hole /infirmary/day off for visiting etc)

    and if some ****** doesnt like it they should be offed a flogging wiht a cat o 9 tails to provide an attitude adjustment, prison should provide someone with the chance to re-habilitate via hard labour not be some cushy all inclusive hotel wiht free cable / free internet etc etc

    prison reform was a good idea in terms of removing the unecessary brutilisation of inmates by guards / other inmates but completly stupid in terms of cost escalation / lack of service provision to the wider comunity/ doing nothing to deter repeat offending, hell imho the only time a person should be given re-education is once they are identified as having less than 3 months left to serve, for sentances over 1 year long (shorter sentances should be work gang all the way) theres enough differnt industrial taskings that prisons used ot do that those of weak constitution could be found a job comensurate with there constitution (laundry / chain gang/ cooking/ prison admin) all the softly softly stuff has done for the last 20+ years is to escalate repeat offences and in some cases people commit crimes just so they can get back inside to the cushy life .......

    it needs to stop and we should be changing hearts and minds not making things easier for thease cnuts to please some bleeding heart liberal treehugging twats
  8. A complete non story, though given its source not a surprise. Prisoner in Cat A jail asks to use Skype and gets told no, it's a security risk.

    No way that the decision will be changed so end of story.
  9. No but I'll bet the twat gets legal aid to fight it as it'll be "in the public interest" expect millions to be wasted and it going to the ECHR after he's told to **** off by our legal system.
  10. He must be having a giraffe, he plans to commit mass murder but complains about the cost of phone calls.
    If he wants sympathy then all he has to do is look in the dictionary, somewhere between sh1t and s***illis.
  11. I'm more concerned we have a magazine just for convicted scum.

    Shouldn't they be breaking rocks or some other form of strenuous exercise... star jumps perhaps, all day, every day... with a bergan.

    edit to add... ironically there is a 'online' version that a dear terrorist can't access either....

    Inside Time Latest Issue - the National Newspaper for Prisoners

    No wonder the convicted scum think they are the 'victims', read it.

    It should say on the front page 'you are scum'

    second page, 'You're still scum', etc.
  12. On the subject of letters has this madhead considered sending letters to his family rather than phoning them? Just a thought.