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  1. Having drama's with making a paypal payment and not having much luck getting help from paypal, need to have it sorted within the next few days so wondered if anyone here could give any insight;

    I recently made a payment from abroad to a recipient in the UK, this was the first payment I have made with this account. The cash left my bank account and the recipient got a notification that they had received funds from me, however there were no funds to withdraw from their account. The recipient is trusted and my account states that the transaction has been completed.

    Is there any possibility that the funds will take more than 2 days to show up in their account, or that they have been somehow withheld?
  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    without sounding obvious you could email paypal - not sure if they still have live support.

    when its paypal to paypal its pretty quick, if its paypal to bank account then it will take the usual bank delays.
  3. I tried emailing them and was referred to their FAQ page, I was then told that as my account stated that the transaction had been completed, the recipient had the funds, which apparently he does not.

    I sent it to his email address so I'm guessing it would be to his paypal account rather than his bank account.
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    yep, he will have to pull it down into his bank account on his end.

    if its in his paypal account then you've done your bit.
  5. It would be better to talk to them on the phone. However, from what you have written, you have done your bit and paid him via paypal. So the dispute is between the receiver and paypal, all you need to do is provide the payment receiver the paypal transaction ID and he/she/it should be doing the rest.
  6. Payments are instant when I transfer from my business account to a personal one. Money shows up straight away and is available to be transferred to a bank account immediately. I don't know if this depends on what the payment is for, etc.
    For instance, if it was for ebay goods, don't they (paypal) sometimes hold the payment pending positive feedback from the purchaser or some such bollocks these days ?
  7. Was it transferred in the same currency ? Recipient would need to accept the type of currency before its added to their account balance ,even though the money has left your account. It seems to sit in limbo until this is done.
  8. All sorted now, thanks for the help guys.
  9. Paypal do NOT like to be contacted directly.... so if I accidentally typed in 0208-6100150 I'm sure it's just a random set of numbers, that might just get you redirected to their call centre just outside Dublin.
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  10. So I noticed, I'll keep this in mind for future use.