Paypal theft

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by five-minute-fagbreak, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. Just a warning for people like me that thought they were 'invincible' when dealing with payments on the net.
    Long story short, I found a payment for $840 dollars had been made via paypal for an apple touch phone from ebay, noooooooo not me your honour! accused the wife of secretly trying to purchace said phone for me for crimbo, you can guess the reaction.
    Spoke to paypal who said they were already investigating the cnut who took the cash so they did not warn me in case I scared him/her off.
    They were very helpful and said money would be returned to account within 10 days, still 10 days in mid january -400 squid ain't funny.
    Just a warning to all who think they are 'bullet proof' ain't !
    Please take care when spending hard earned beer tokens via the webby!
    :oops: :D
    anyone else been caught? or am I the only ********? :evil:
  2. I was caught by some chinese fraud stint, same script but couldn't get any reply from paypal (shite), I am still in arrears with them but they will not answer anything I send them, how did you contact them?????
  3. You can ring them
  4. I went onto my paypal page logged in, clicked on contact us, there was a number to call for help.
    spoke to a yank first who put me onto the fraud dept, lovely sounding irish bird, sorted! very helpful too :D downside, still gotta wait 10 days :( least i'll get it back tho - I hope!
  5. Well done that man, much better put than me! :clap:
  6. Someone's stolen paypal?!?!? Oh.......sorry.........gotcha ;)
  7. Not quite the same, but I had my debit Card skimmed last year, 2 payments each of £200 ish (after euro conversion) taken out my account from the Irish republic. Its a horrible feeling, so I know what you are going through. Luckily Nationwide were brilliant, they spotted it before I did and canceled my card, thats how I found out, when my card got refused lol. Money was back in my account 5 days later.
  8. I bought a pair of shoes off e-bay last year and paid by paypal. A few days later I recieved an invoice requesting payment of further items, two masturbators at £1300 each. I wouldnt have minded if Id actually received them, Id never have to go out on the pull again, but I was a bit worried for a while. Obviously, it was a scam. Thing is, if it was for a smaller amount and the person receiving it had bought a lot, they may have fallen for it and supplied their card details, thinking that something had gone wrong with the original payment.

    I still wonder what it would have been like... 8O
  9. pm MDN - he'll be able to help, no doubt! :D :D :D

  10. Had my card refused last year so called the issuer.

    "Yes we noticed 3 payments in 3 seperate countries in two days so we stopped it."

    Nice and secure and very efficent of them, except for the fact that I was travelling from Germany to the UK and filled up the car in Germany, France and then in the UK.

    They let me use my card again after I had explained, not complaining it was just a bit of a shock when the guy said "Your card has been refused" because I knew he was thinking "You're skint mate. So how the fcuk are you going to pay for that tank full now! Ha Ha ha".
  11. Money back in account, problem sorted, paypal were very efficient and on the ball with this. I know it was a pain in the arrse but it shows they do seem to know whats going on (at least in this case) and are quick to deal with it. I will continue to use them now, but i would have liked to know how it was done in the first place, they cannot say for obvious reasons.
    I would like to have met the cnut that did it tho.... :x :twisted:
  12. I reckon it was either a keylogging trojan (VERY common these days)
    or a cookie stealing XSS script on a poisoned (ebay?) page which bagged your paypal cookie.
    I think it highly unlikely the server was compromised.
    I take it you've pursued this guy with ebay also?