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Paypal problems?

Tried to donate this month and PP wouldn't do it. ( using my card)

Bought something on ebay today and got the same problem.

It was ok during September and my info is correct with an in credit limit
showing in the account.(Had the a/c for nearly 2 years)

Added another card and was told the issuer declined it- strange 'cos I know it is sound.

Just me? or is anyone else having probs?
Yes, had this today after my mrs tried to buy a school text. Thought it might be down to having had my Visa card pickpocketed on the Rome subway a short time ago (thieving bastrding c*ck) but apparently not.
I got the issuer declined message a month or so back when trying to pay for an ebay purchase. Problem lasted a couple of days and then it went through fine. Don't know why there was a problem as the balance in the account was more than adequate, in fact it contained less when the payment actually went through than it did when I had the problem.

Sometimes Paypal is a pain in the arrse

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