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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by King-walt, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Hello fellas, anyone else ever have their account limited on ebay and paypal? been told in this here resolution centre to submit a copy of photo id, proof address i.e bank statements, etc :policecap:

    Why have I got the feeling that I ain't got a good feeling about this, happen to anyone else?

    And don't go asking if I doing dodgy because I don't! :)
  2. WAH shield on:
    Sounds like you've fallen for an email scam mate! If it's on their main site, then no idea...
    WAH shield off!
  3. Nah not an email scam I logged into my paypal using a their own SSL-secure website and it says "Account limited", just wondering if its happened to any any...

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  4. Is very common. Happened to me twice last year, mainly because there are countries that paypal won't allow access too (I tried to log on from our wireless in the accom out here in Kabul and didn't realise it was a proxy server through Singapore oops, the main office routes through Germany so no problem there :)) or someone has your account email and tried to log on more than once unsuccessfully. Is simple to sort out and only takes about a couple of hours once you send the info, I sent the info and phoned, and was sorted in less than half hour, Had to tell a porky pie about location though, but subsequent logins have all been from my office in Germany ;)
  5. Glad to hear it mate. Never heard of them asking for all that info though!
  6. They do it to me almost every time I change countries, but they just ask for password and answers to my security questions.
  7. PayPal need to be in compliance with EU money laundering laws. Proof of ID, address, valid bank acount etc. It kicks in at £1,900.00 and there is nothing you can do about it. My company runs several ebay accounts and it's a routine that comes around quite frequently. Creating a Premier or Business account and raising the limit helps. Good luck.
  8. These spammers can be cunning bastards; last year I had an email pitch up in my spam folder, and it looked for all the world like a legitimate PayPal email. Luckily the text didn't quite make sense, so I asked PayPal about it; sure enough, fraudulent.
  9. I've noticed that there isn't an ARRSEPEDIA article on paypal, I would love to be granted the honor, of writing this article