Paypal down - More hacker attacks?

Just noticed that Paypal seems to be down again. After all the furore with Wikileaks and the various hacking attacks that have been associated with it, I was wondering if another wave of hacking is in the offing?

Has anyone noticed if any of the other targetted sites are down as well?

its on sky news, hackers are attacking sutes that have withdrawn support from wikileaks, amazon, paypal, etc


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I think the hackers were going to wait until after the hearing today. But it wouldn't suprise me if a 12 year old got an itcht finger and hacked early.

By the way, expect a lot of large companies (private or otherwise) to be targeted to the point of extream annoyance if the wikileaks fellow gets sent away.
Withdraw all your money from your bank accounts while you can.


Coo, that's interesting. Both my Barclaycard's, credit and debit, came back with incorrect PIN's this morning. Is Barclays being attacked?
Fortunately I am obscenely rich, and had some walkabout spondulicks on me.
No problems with my paypal I have to say...mind, I don't have it linked to my bank account either (they keep asking me to "update" and I refuse to. Too many people I know have had their accounts emptied, ta)
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