Payout to IRA driver “outrageous”

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HHH, Oct 11, 2011.

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  1. HHH

    HHH LE

    The Law is brillant at times :crazy:

    Payout to IRA driver

  2. Why is anyone surprised, any sambo, mick or achmed, is allowed to sue the ever generous British govt for some mythical harm done to them over the last millenia by the ever evil colonialist power that was Great Britain! That is, it was Great Britain until we sank into the marxist, multi culti, backwater that the UK has become under the succession of recent corrupt, appeasing idiots calling themselves the Government!
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  3. I ******* despair, really I do.

    Thank God I live out here.
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I don't agree with your overall view. If people have been wronged then they may deserve compensation. If people have been wronged by agents of the state then maybe the state should compensate them and it shouldn't matter if they are black, white, yellow or blue or indeed how long ago it was.

    However I share your outrage over this case. How any one can think that an IRA terrorist who was injured while committing an act of terrorism can be entitled to anything is beyond me.

    It does give lie to all their pathetic claims about being soldiers engaged in a war. Seems the British state is not so illegitimate when they want a chunk of the tax payer's money.
  5. I can understand (although not agree) with how, on the evidence available to a court they may find in favour of the ballbag. But then it's easy to consider available accounts twenty years later while sitting in a warm office. But awarding 75k??? One individual I personally know of was seriously injured, almost losing his lower limbs due to an UVIED. Although through the compensation agency and not civil claim, he didn't pick up half of the amount awarded in this case. The law is indeed an ass. On a side note, I was on duty in 8 Bde HQ that night. I recall being chuffed to bits, reading the relevant signals traffic in the early hours knowing there were four less murdering scum to worry about. In retrospect, five would have been a better result.
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  6. "unreasonable force"! They had a ******* Dushka!!!
  7. Yet another case of these creeps being protected and sustained by the very system of justice they tried to destroy.

    How dare the British Army shoot at its Enemies.

    (as a matter of interest did this creep also get awarded costs or was it all done through legal aid.)
  8. Is it too late to finish the job?
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  9. Hurt doing your duty for the Emerald Isle? No win no fee, www.shotbythebritsandruc.ei.

    Successful Lawyers since the Good Friday Agreement.
  10. You can follow the judge's logic, from his remarks concerning the soldier's evidence, which he described as “utterly implausible” and “incredible”. Twenty years on, that seems a bit steep, but be that as it may. The level of the award is however a good indication of partiality, in my opinion.

  11. Saving McKeevors life put down any allegations that there was a shoot to kill policy there at the time. I at the time thought he must have been a tout to have escaped with his life. Nonetheless the opportunity to polish him off was definately there, "they" chose not to.
  12. HHH

    HHH LE

  13. This pretty much sticks in my throat. If they had killed any Soldiers as a result of their activity on this occasion, they would all have been, including McKeevor, sat in a pub that night celebrating the death of a young man or men who were simply doing their job to protect ordinary decent people from terrorism. I hope there is an appeal and the award can be annulled. Failing that, perhaps one of his victims can sue him for substantial damages now that he has come into a nice few quid inspite of his terrorist activities.
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  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Why dosen't everyone who was injured on Op Banner and the famillies of the dead launch a class action against the PIRA, Adams, Mcguinees and Sinn Fein?
    I'm sure that the law works both ways and legal aid could be used
    If not I'l hrow £50 in to get it started.

    Funny how they all hate everything British except the Queens head on the money they get of us.
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  15. You should all know by now that it's one rule for one and different for the others ie us.
    Such is life.