Payments Spin

Got scanned a copy of Ephraim Hardcastle column in the UK Daily Mail.

OCR errors are mine:

ACCORDING to a recent visitor to the Army base in Basra, Iraq, a senior officer was asked by Number Ten to help organlse film of soldiers watching a TV announcement about their new special payment and reacting with delight. 'The major approached said "No".' I am told. 'Later he informed the general. saying he hadn't wanted to bother him. knowing what his reaction would be. The general agreed. But Downing Street got the propaganda shots they wanted frum troops in Afghanistan.'

More fyi :)

So which squaddies sold out or needed promotion?
Having been involved in many PR stage-managed events for the media in different theatres I, for one have learned long ago that that which is portrayed in the media, particularly the television media is completely artificial.

Any soldier who has been through these carefully choreographed travesties of the truth will know exactly what I mean!

One example was when we were tasked to guard Frankland Prison in the 1980s when the Prison Officers were on strike. We had been there for some time when the cameras turned up and since they had no footage of the soldiers actually marching in to take over the Prison, we were all required to march out of it and then to march in again filmed by the media with the footage presented to the public as representing that which artificiality rather than reality was intended to convey.

This is the only forum devoid of political spin. The only forum where views are expressed freely. Here, the Downing Street Press Office has no influence and say whatsoever and they can fill their boots!
True "restaging" of actual events is one thing that might just be acceptable (in certain circumstances.. you cannot reshoot (sic) the Gib incident for example) but to shoot film to get adulation for the Dear Leader is just another thing.

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