Payment of resettlement grant

I'm due to leave the army on the 15th jan. I have filled in my pension form but I'm wondering when the resettlement grant is likely to be paid?

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The Resettlement Grant plus Gratuity and any Commuted Pension will be paid within 30 days of your last day of service according to SPVA. In practice they normally get it to you within a couple of weeks.

Or sometimes it takes six weeks.

All I am saying is that mine took six weeks, don't rely on it coming too quickly if you are making plans which could suffer if it is delayed a while.

Good luck in your new adventure.
When I was leaving the Resettlement Grant was paid when I handed in receipts to prove I'd attended a resettlement course that was approved by the resettlement staff at my unit. Gratuity was paid about 10-14 days after last day of service and pension started within one month of last day of service.

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