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Hello fello Arse's,

It's been a while since i've been on here but i've got a bit of a problem so i thought this is the best bet of getting some type of advice. I've recently left the Army on a med discharge from injuries picked up on my last tour, my leaving date was the 18th of this month, everything sorted with my battalion and was relatively pain free with it being a med discharge, i was told the last day i would get paid would be the 18th of this month. So, today, i check my account, i was paid just over half a months wages which i was happy about as i don't want to earn anything that i'm not entitled to, but then under this payment was another payment for £12k, great? you say... well, not really, as I'm unsure what this payment is regarding to. Is it my final lump sum for injuries sustained, or is it my yearly gip? as my gip allowance was for 50% of my yearly wages which would be around 12K as I'm on around 24kish per year being a lowly paid lcpl.

I'm not sure on what i should do, i haven't received any information from AFCS about the payment like they did last time which leads me to believe it was a blunder by somebody at glasgow and i'd spend this 12K on something then get a you owe us letter a few months later.

For now i've placed it in my savings account.

Cheers for any advice.


You would normally get a letter from SPVA informing you of any payment due before it gets to your bank. I'd follow the link below and contact SPVA and ask them to shed some light on it for you as I doubt anyone on here would know enough about your circumstances to be able to give you a definitive answer:

About the Service and Personnel and Veterans Agency

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