Payment for x-ray

I have had multiple letters off a hospital from which i had an x-ray as part of my application which was cancelled because of the x-ray result. It is saying i must pay £94.00 for the x-ray. I was told the Army would be paying for it, so i took the first letter i received into them. They said its not them paying it if i remember rightly. I am certainly not paying for something which stopped my completing my ambition in life, and i did not agree to pay for the scan in the first place.

Any help appreciated.
I think your a bit confuzzled... the army only pays your GP to gather and sign all the medical DOCUMENTS only.
Rfn_Warrior said:
The Army requested for the x-ray though. I wasn't told it was me who had to pay for it.
Your best option would be to just call your ACIO and have an in-depth conversation about what happened then, there is obviously a misunderstanding somewhere.

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