Paying the tax back!!! WHY??

I have been told by the powers that be that I must pay the tax on a vehicle I purchase tax free 13 months ago but could only register 8 months ago.

The disappointing facts in my case, besides the potential ££££ I will have to fork out, are that I have been put in this situation due to the services requirement in TWO separate occasions!!

1- Over a month after placing the order with deposit on the car, I was trawled for a 3 month tour thus having to delay the delivery date of the vehicle.

2- Although the above point would not have been a problem on its own as I had time to spare in my current posting, I have been given an assignment order to a country other than the UK or Germany 5 months early!

Although these points have been stressed to higher authority, I have been given the proverbial F**K O** Tablet! My understanding of the regulations are that this rule is purely enforced by BFG and not so by the UK.

Why are those posted to the UK excluded from this rule and not those posted to other areas of the world?

Why couldn’t I be given the opportunity to leave the vehicle with friends or family (in storage) till the 12 month point??

I have been told that there is a passage in Queens Regs that states that no serving personnel of the Armed Forces should be put in a position that could penalise them or there family financially! Could anyone tell me which chapter I could find this passage.

I am desperately seeking advice from anyone out there that might have been in this position before and was granted authority or if there are any legal gurus that have advice.

Thanks in advance.
This is reference my last post which is about the BFG deregistering of vehicles process.

I’ve been told to pay the tax on my 8 month old BFG registered car due to the fact that my assignment order is not to the UK but to an other overseas location not within the EU!

I have just, minutes ago found out (with paper proof at hand) that the powers that be are prejudice in there choosing who can and can’t de-register there cars without having to pay the GERMAN 19% tax!!

In this particular instance, the person in question has been granted permission to NOT PAY the 19 % GERMAN tax on his/her car even though he/she is not posted to the UK but to an other location!!

Without giving to much detail about this case, I would hate to see this person penalised in any way, but could someone explain to me how the selection process works!!

I have also spoken to customs and exercise in the UK and confirmed that as long as a car is 6 months and 1 day old, the UK will NOT ask for any tax to be paid on the vehicle. When asked if the German customs authorities would have the right to claim the tax on any of these vehicles, the answer was and I quote ”DOUBTFULL”. If the car is purchased in the UK and sold on in the UK, the German authorities have no rights to claim the tax on the vehicle.
I feel there may be a little to to the story here that you are telling us, i.e. failing to BFG the motor in the allotted time scale etc.

You say that you had the car 13 months ago but only BFG'd it 8 months ago! What did you do with it for the 5 months it wasnt registered? A tax free motor has to have left the UK a maximum of 3 months after collecting it then within 1 month of bringing it over to Germany it needs to be BFG'd if you fail to do any of the above in the allotted time then you will be stung for the tax. When did you get in touch with the BFG office in Reindahlen to inform them of the situation and possible delays of getting it BFG'd? You did get intouch didnt you?

Bottom line, you pay the tax back because you failed to carry out the correct procedures for tax free entitlement!

Thanks for you reply.

To answer you question, I could only register that car in 8 months after the purchase due t
O having been trawled to go on tour!! I didn’t cancel the car as I did not want to loos my deposit and besides, the time line still worked for me as I was not due posting until late, late autumn/beginning of winter!!

Do you see my frustration? I am in this situation due to having to follow Service orders yet on the other hand, the service is not being understanding of the fact that THEY have put me in this situation!
It is not BFG who charge you the tax.

You know what you should have done, delayed delivery or cancelled the order. You didnt. Had you done so, you might have a legitimate claim that you lost money due to your posting orders etc.

As it stands you lost money due to failing to take appropriate steps to ensure you didnt break the rules (and you did break the rules).

BFG (and HM Customs) is normally very flexible as regards unexpected early postings as long as you can show you are not at fault.

The fact that you took delivery of a Tax free car and then failed to register it abroad within the allocated time window means that you will have a hard time convincing anyone it is not your fault.
You said you had to go on tour, why did you not get the relavant paperwork signed and given to a mate to register the vehicle whilst you are away?
May I just clear up a point for all those whom read this, when you buy a Tax free car in the UK, you must export the veh within to months. The BFG system then gives you 30 days to register however, if you bring your veh out to BFG, what ever remains of the two mnths is gone and your 30 days start.
As the veh is exported to in our case germany then the tax is due to the Germans not UK. Unless you fail to export the car within the 2 month period the UK would hound you for the tax.

There are two options to you:
1. Go to your welfare officer and get them to advise you on how to appeal if you think you have a good case.
2. I don't want to sound rude but I agree with the previous posts, in that you are responcible for your situation as you could have said something rather than put your head in the sand.

:( Don't diss the system for your failures but what I would say to those who read this; Don't put your head in the sand, let your local BFG/customs/VLO and your unit know as soon as you think you are going to fall foul. They will help if they can but you must do your bit, by letting them KNOW.

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