paying Tax on pension whilst living overseas

I came out of the Army in 2006 and decided to live in Germany, I'm getting hit twice for tax on my pension one from the UK and again from the Germans which means I'm paying 38% tax. On speaking with a couple of other ex service people who got out at roughly the same time they have said that they do not pay tax in the UK. I have spoken with the Tax people in the UK and they have confirmed that I do indeed need to pay tax on my pension. My question is how many other people out there who live in Germany do not pay tax on their pension, and if not how do you go about stopping paying.
One didn't have to pay English Tax on your Army Pension up to about 1995/6 after which it changed much to my disgust. I now pay about 30 Quid a month.
One thing more, I never ever paid German Tax on my pension. I guess it revolves around what you let them know.

A former career soldier living outside the EU has pursued (3 years to date) several issued with HM Mafia (HMRC), namely:

1. The status of a contractually obligated military reservist (crown servant).

2. The exact date by which he officially became non-resident for tax purposes (4 clear tax years from 01 Apr after discharge according to HMRC website)

3. Refund of income tax on his pension if he is unable to claim child benefit/family credits because of point 1 & 2.

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