Paying tax on a tax free car when leaving BFG

I have been forced to pay tax on a car I bought tax free 9 months ago due to an unexpected posting away from BFG. (don't even start me on how unfair the system is!)

I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience of how long the German customs people take to generate the tax bill? I sent off my form 38 two weeks ago and I'm still waiting.

The car's in the UK, the paperworks stuck in a jam in Germany and I'm in BATUS. Just want the damn thing sorted out.
I'm not an expert but i have just left Germany so know a bit about the rules. i stand to be corrected here but I was under the impression you were exempt from paying tax when importing the car back to UK after 13 Months unless you are posted early through no fault of your own.

I may be wrong. Have you phoned the customs people in Dusseldorf yet and asked them? I always found them helpful as long as you were polite and didn't lose it with them. 72 4100 is the BFG helpline i always used.

Good luck.
Again, no expert but going through the process myself. I understood that each entitled person could take back a new tax-free vehicle as long as it had been BFG'd for 24 hours. I think the form that you have to complete is a BFG Form 414A (to get your 414) and Annex B to Sect 6 of SOBA(G) 3213. The critical rule, as I understand it, is that you must not sell the vehicle until 12 months after the initial BFG registration date.
Hope that helps. If you need forms etc or want answers from the BFG team then PM me as I am still in Fally.
You are both absolutely correct except for one small detail... I'm a UKBC.

Now I wouldn't want to suggest the army treat us any differently (!!) but my now husband (fiance at the time of dealing with BFG) was allowed to take his back to the UK penalty free on exactly the same posting and I wasn't. It was a battle I fought long and hard all the way to the top, but eventually had to conceded when there was no one left to fight with.

Now I'm just interested in finding out how soon I can pay the tax and shift the bloody car.
You may be UKBC but the same tax laws apply to you as the ones that apply to your husband, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to buy a tax free car in the first place. unless it's just a couple of hundred quid I would fight it. It sounds like no-one can be bothered looking up the correct details and have just said you have to pay. Is it SSAFA who employ UKBC? It may be worth getting on to them to ask, they should have a copy of your contract with the rules and regs, (or NAAFI or whoever employed you).
Slightly off the subject, does your husband's surname have Formula 1 connections? If so and he is who I think he is say hello from me and how is he liking BATUS.
Thank you all for your many well meaning posts, whilst I would love to go into the details of how and why they've stung me for the tax, here's probably not the place to do it!

Trust me I was an interesting case and I know the system inside out now.... they did a lot of looking up!

So can anyone tell me how much longer I have to wait to pay the tax, or am I the only person to have gone down the Form 38 route!? :-O
Can't understand why you are paying ot be honest.

Have you spoken to the BFG office of Customs and Excise?

Or sell your car to an entitled person.
The correct people to speak to are BFG C&I, (Customs and Imigration), who are located in JHQ. BFG Form 38, never heard of it, I completed the 414A, and in return got the 414, which I duly presented to my local DVLA (Licencing Office), along with my BFG F 74, petrol coupon card and free vehicle licence (Tax Disc). The car was registered eith the UK authority in about 5 minutes. I then sent all of the BFG stuff back to the licencing office and aobtained a de-registration certificate.

I picked my car up from UK in the beginning of April, Registered it with the BFG Licencing Office and was then posted towards the end of the same month to the UK.

I did not have any problems.

The previous respondent was correct, UKBC and BFG personnel are all subject to the same criteria, ergo, you should not have any difficulty importing the vehicle back into the UK, providing it has UK specification, that it was first registered in the UK, prior to you exporting it to Germany and notifying the DVLA (BFG Form 80), I think.

Unless there is something that you are not telling us, like going over you official quota for tax free cars. Other than that, I can't think why you should have any problems.

Good luck anyway.
I have also been kicked in the nuts with regards to the BFG system. I am also posted to BATUS and have just found out the BFG rule that if we are posted to Canada or the like then we have to pay Tax on our new means of transport if less than twelve months old. Does anyone know where this is written down? I have been looking through SOBA(G) but can't find any info on postings to Canada. I am looking to take legal action. Can anyone assist? :x
BFG form 38 is the form you apply for when selling your vehicle to a non entitled person. (just got mine from selling my bike to a german frim)
Which you get from your customs guy on camp.
Mine took about 3 weeks to come through so if its longer i would chase it through the customs people whose numbers were listed above.
Have you sorted your car? I am going through the exact same problem. I am also posted to BATUS. My car is only 3 weeks old. Tax due (£8000) not happy. Did you claim your money back as you were posted at a finacial loss? The customs lady mentioned it, i am certainly going to look in to it.

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