Paying soldiers for running the bar?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. Whats the score?

    At the end of a training day, bar opens for a couple of hours or four.

    Are the blokes entitled to any extra pay for this? I gather that eg. Mess Staff are?


  2. It happens.
    Entitled to is a different question! Depends on how much you view it as being a duty maybe?
  3. I know in the past some units have paid the bar staff a half day rather than a quarter, but how legal this was I don't know... although if they work the two training hours and attend for a further two I suppose it ticks the boxes technically! :?
  4. I think there are some guesses here, dudes.

    ED pay?
  5. No guessing here! Where I am bar staff on a drill night get a half day currently, just by ticking the appropriate box on the pay sheet. Dunno how it gets put through the system.
  6. And if you're on a weekend, eg. a course and run the bar after work finishes?
  7. Should always be ED pay paid for from the non public account - i.e Sqn Fund, charged as an expense against the bar!

  8. As far as I know, bar staff don't pick up any extra for weekends. Or for things like restocking/cleaning when done during the week.
  9. I run the bar at my TAC and I don't get any extra pay, except possibly for a function where the money comes from the budget for the function or someone's own pocket.

    My "pay" for training nights and weekends is when people offer to buy me a drink, and as so many people ask, I take the money anyway and put it to the side. At the end of the night I often have a fair bit.
  10. same with my lot.
  11. The golden rule is that the mess is not publicly funded and therefore mess staff should not be paid TA pay. You should be paid by the Mess from non-public funds as ED (Extra Duties) pay. Chapter 14 of Service Funds regulations refers.

    However in addition to this see TA Regs 7.327b which allows a CO to specify up to 2 functions per year as obligatory functions which allows MMA to be claimed by those attending and TA pay to be issued to those supporting (Chefs etc.):

    7.327B. Commanding officers may, at the start of the training year declare mess functions for each of the officers’ and sergeants’ messes of that unit as obligatory functions. Motor mileage allowance for travel to these functions may be claimed for a maximum of 2 functions per training year. Such functions do not qualify for TA pay except for TA personnel who are employed to administer the function, eg Chefs.
  12. Thanks PW / JD, very helpful.

  13. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Or you could just do it for the joy of helping your mates you money grabbing fcukers
  14. I'm not the one running the bar.
  15. .....lets add to the joy by mentioning National Insurance payments on ED pay too, shall we,and make sure that we report the payments to the Inland Revenue as well. Make life simple, hand the Bar and the one remaining source of welfare funds available to the unit over to Sodexho or ESS, why not.