Paying off mortgage - do i really need a solicitor/???

I am making my final payment to clear my mortgage next month and was wondering do I need a solicitor to tie things up? The house was built in the late eighties and is on the land registry and has no deeds. From my limited dealings with solicitors I reckon they are a devious lot of bloodsucking ******* but then I may have only met the good ones.

I would be interested to hear from any members who have paid off their mortgage and did or did NOT use a solicitor to tidy things up. If you did use them, what was the cost?

I am fortunate enough to live south of Hadrian's wall so any actions will be under English law.
mine was completed five years ago and if memory serves me right there was no solicitor involved or needed. the building society sent me a document stating that the account was cleared and closed and my deeds appeared a week later, don't know if that's any comfort to you?
When my mortgage was completed, the Building Society contacted the land registry to confirm that they had no further interest. I had a endowment mortgage so I contacted the insurance company to get them too confirm no further interest., and the land registry sent me a copy of the register. In my case there were deeds and the B.S. sent me them.

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