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Did anyone else, who was marching in the Lord Mayor's Show, notice the number of jack bast**d pikey officers and others not paying any compliments when Guns and/or Colours passed by?

Probably the very same ones who pick you up for not saluting them.
Yep, I even saw one old vet come to attention, and doff his hat (he had a chest full) and when he saw the soldiers standing by him just stand there he went over and had a chat. Last I saw was this small old man waving his finger in the face of a much taller and now redfaced PWRR NCO.

I am glad I am not the only one who noticed this, but I guess it is one rule for one, etc etc.... But it was a good day just alittle bloody cold lol



Just goes to prove that the senior military bods STILL can't read the instructions sent to them, and then brief down the chain, that clearly state that compliments are to be paid and even tells them whose Colours/Guns will be on parade and where (and that includes the RA "Guns" that may be Rapier etc.).


Deffo CoC problem, though I doo feel saluting Rapier a tad weired :wink:
Note that the RGJ Honour Guard presented arms to Colours, guns AND Household Cav drums...

Carlos, delighted to note a Pikeman wearing his full rig with Para wings...


Mr Tracey you are a male reproductive organ, discipline and manners cost nothing. I apologize for calling you a rude name. See easy isn't it? :D


I saw the same thing happening at Gunner service at Hyde Park Corner on the Sunday. When service is over, Kings Troop, cease firing, and ride up through Wellington arch and give an "eyes left" to our memorial. Two nig 2/Lt's in front of me just kept chatting, whilst all senior bods eiter saluted, or doffed hats. I wanted to launch them!
Although officers and they should know better,they don't know everything, 2nd Lts (and new Lts) are still in the training phase and should be educated accordingly. I as a full screw would often "train" our leaders to be if they put a foot wrong, if not they will never learn, a quiet and friendly word later does wonders, no matter what your rank is, if they take offense to avise then they truely are choppers of the highest order.
BORO_LAD said:
Deffo CoC problem, though I doo feel saluting Rapier a tad weired :wink:
What about a det wandering past with carrying a HVM LML, do you salute them ? (Thats actaully a serious question)

In my old Locating days we tried to convince the bunnies that they should salute a drone launcher, didn't work though


Glad i wasent there :oops: Wouldnt have even of thought of paying compliments to a gun .Hopefully if i ever have to parade with the dropshorts someone will remind me. :D
Best compliment was, "Nice gun, mate."

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