Paying money back

I have been over paid for more than 6 months. Every month i have gone back to try and sort the issue out. I do not have a Unit admin office

I have managed to get it sorted but i am told i have to pay back £1245. My question is, if i have tried to get it sorted and it was not my fault in the first place should i have to pay it back.

Thanks in advance
It's not your money. It was paid to you in error. You will have to pay it back.

If you have spent it, you are dozy.

You will need to come up with a pay back compromise. A compromise is where both parties
agree and are happy with the arrangement.
You will repay this debt at the Standard Monthly Recovery Rate (SMRR) which is 4 days gross pay per month. However if you can prove genuine financial hardship to SPVA then this can be varied.

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