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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Borderer, May 23, 2007.

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  1. As of August this year the TA will have to pay for meals at the same rates as the regular army, seems the one army concept only works when the TA get less or pay more. If we want something the regulars have " it wont work in the TA" however we seem to be getting all the things we don't want :frustrated:
  2. Does that mean we will be able to counter claim with TEA on Tuesday afternoons, as most of us go straight from work to the TAC?
  3. Please clarify, if I travel to another unit I'll have to pay for swill ?
  4. So long as the food is to the same standard, where's the problem, there is a basic list for a basic price, anything else you pay for.
    Our RTC at the moment is at a halfway point as the training is carried out at a regular base, therefore the cookhouse is PAYD, but we don't, unless we want extra, however there must be somthing in position for recruits etc who have had a delay or co*k up in being paid, not that JPA would cause anything like that to happen....
  5. Yes we will have to pay for all food
  6. So if I'm in the middle of a field on a training area eating boil in the bags vomit I'll have to pay ??

    Doesn't sound right neither does paying at a visiting unit, I can understand paying at your own unit, we already bung cheffy a couple of quid but if I travel to another unit its a duty meal, always has been since I signed on 20 chuffy years ago
  7. Isn't this just for PAYD, I can't see this being extended to the camps we normally goto.
  8. Aside from 2 weeks recruit training in depot I don't remember ever paying for a meal on training weekends or on camp. Are you seriously getting billed for meals at your TAC?
  9. Only if its more convenient for one bloke to cook rahter than the whole troop going to the chippy in dribs n drabs
  10. It will be a form of PAYD if you are in a camp or TAC, we won't pay for boil in the bag though
  11. TEA died, along with over 5 and 10 hour claims, with the advent of JPA. You can now, however, claim a Meals Out Allowance if you are training over the period when you would normally eat and you have to buy a meal elsewhere. Your local Special Pen Service Trooper will be better able than me to explain the details.

    No surprise with the PAYD coming in for us, all part of the search for any saving to be made. If you are under field conditions (mess tins at the Q wagon or watching the hexi telly are give aways) you will not be paying for rations. Field conditions are normally only declared for the period of camp for TA and must be posted on part 1 orders so it may be the case that now every TA weekend where rations are provided field conditions need to be declared so you don't get billed for your boilys.
  12. It's a sign of the times....
  13. Does anyone have any good news for once?

    McDonalds even feed their staff on shift... :evil:
  14. Hang on...? I don't get X factor cos I don't (supposedly) suffer the disruption to my life that regulars have. So, if I have to pay for food whilst on a course will I get a lift in my pay....?
  15. TA do actually get X factor at 5% and the rules apply to Regular and TA alike. So if a regular goes on a career course for 6 months and is married he will have to pay for the food he is eating as well (just like the single soldier who is sat next to him). The regulations for TA currently stipulate that if you are training within 5 miles of your TAC you are not entitled to be fed at public expense. Anyone (TA or regular) who is under field conditions will be fed at public expense. The rules on meals out allowance are that you are entitled to claim back for missed meals providing you have missed at least 2 meals in any one calendar month. The rules for regular and NRPS are 9 miss meals per month.