paying for family through basic training

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by gruffman1, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. hi guys.

    I start basic training on the 26th of august and now I am wondering how I am going to afford to leave the misses and kids (got 3) at home whilst on basic training.

    basically I have asked afco and he said ask CAB I asked them and well they are just useless, and told me there is nothing I can do.

    what I need to know is, will I have to pay rent on the place where they are even though we are not living together and wont be for at least a year?

    will I have to pay council tax for both of us staying there or just her?

    is there anything she can do to get help while I'm on training?

    really pissing me off to be honest as now I've worked it out that with all the deductions I would be left with 200 quid a month in the worst case scenario

    asking as I know there will be people in a similar situation to me.
  2. Oh dear, of course you'll have to pay rent! Ask your missus to pick up some part time work if you want her to pay it.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Are you seriously suggesting that your wife and 3 kids will be able to stay in a place for free just because you've joined the Army?

    Council tax is based on the property, not who is living there, the price won't change as long as it is occupied.
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  4. yeah i thought as much, i don't mind too much, just fucks with my plans. and i hate it when my plans get fucked.

    i know we will get working tax credits and child tax credits which will help out a bit i suppose.

    on the off chance don't suppose you know if it will be reduced do you? shot in the dark
  5. one she isn't my wife and two I am not suggesting that I am wondering if there is any help is all.

    not true my council tax went up when i moved back in with her by about 40%
  6. As a matter of interest, how long was your recruitment process? Didn't this occur to you at some point during that time?
    Will you be (as I suspect) an admin nightmare, in the office moaning about family problems from day one?
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  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Are you a ******* idiot or something?

    Why would your landlord reduce your rent and give up some of his income just because you've joined the Army?
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  8. There's no reason for the rent to be reduced. As for your council tax, contact the local council and ask about their criteria for single person discount. Working tax credits: expect to go without them while they adjust for your new wages when you start Phase 1 training.

    Bottom line is you're not going to be able to afford as many beers or ridiculous bits of kit as your single muckers in training, but you'll probably be more motivated because you're earning cash for your family.

    Good luck with it!
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  9. by the landlord you mean the council..... no I mean my partner being able to claim some sort of housing benefit in-till I can put a deposit down on it at a reduced place as its council.
  10. I think you may have identified the source of the problem here
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  11. This is too stupid to be true. If it is all actually gen up, perhaps you should get a grown up to help you with your life. That is all.
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  12. no I applied when we split up then we got back together half way through the process.

    recruitment process was 5 months
  13. cheers for that i thought as much i just wanted to double check.

    at least ill be able to by my house after a year thanks to the right to buy :D

  14. You're going to LOVE being in the Army then!!
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  15. Hmm doesn't bode well to me, make sure your finances are quite separate, are the kids yours?
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