Paying for Court Mounted Medals

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sc_obvious, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know why - if it is directed by your Corps dress policy that you have to have your medals court mounted, it is not done at the tax payers expense ?

    I've never minded before but its gonna cost quite a bit to get em done again.

    Apologies if this has been covered but when I tried the search facility all I got was 'Forbidden'.
  2. You just wanted to tell us you have loads of bling didn't you?

    As the Medal Mounting geezer if he does forces discount.
  3. So do units not court mount them for you any more then?
  4. Yet another thing that I was required to pay for but had no choice whether I did or not.
  5. Every unit I've been to that has a unit tailor/tailoress charge to get them done. A few years back in Gutersloh I had to pay for all the ribbons from the PRI shop, then pay 5 euros per medal to the base tailoress.
    10. Policy. Medals may be court mounted at private expense. In the interest of
    uniformity, the policy for court mounting in units will be left at the discretion of regiments
    and corps. Medals are court mounted at public expense for members of the Household
    Division, and Public Duties battalions at Hounslow and Edinburgh and the Bands and
    Pipes and Drums of the Scottish Division, engaged in ceremonial duties.

    As per the current DIN
    If not, you are entitled to swing mount only.
  7. Not bad then. Just 5 euros to get your Battle of Jubilee medal mounted then ;)
  8. Join the Household Division and then you will have the use of a Master Tailor who do them for free

  9. I'm waiting until 2012 so I can have 2 medals.
  10. In that case don't die pre 2012 as I'll swipe yours once they're mounted.
  11. you going for the olympics
  12. If your a SNCO, who did your minatures? And did you pay?

    Blobmeister is bang on regarding who gets a freebie and who doesnt!

  13. My point entirely, I just assumed it was the case throughout the forces, how sad for the chippy feckers :)
  14. I've read the DIN - it still doesn't answer the question that if its corps dress policy to have court mounted medals why do we have to pay for it ?